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So that is our wikipedia wicky trolling section so the santa monica pier is a large double jointed pier at the foot of colorado avenue in santa monica california with an entrance the purest popular with residents and visitors as it landmark that is over one hundred years old he knows over one hundred years old no i did not have you ever been to the santa monica pier i've never been to la the only place i've been to i guess just really just san francisco so the peer contains pacific park a family amusement park with a one of a kind state of the art solar panel fares wheel other tractions include a carousel hippodrome for the nineteen twenties the santa monica pier aquarium which is kind of lame to be honest operated by heal the bay shops entertainment and video arcade now you know i've been at the arcade oh yeah i went my first time i went actually went in and i played super played miss pacman with the speedup chip in it and i looked at the score and i thought man i think i could beat that and sure enough i did beat that and the next time i went there four months later score high score and hopefully yes actually took a picture of it that's how my isn't this isn't this like where the official end to re route sixty six and absolutely is yep yep because the start of it is in chicago correct and the official end is the santa monica pier.

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