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Dot com or view any of our social media publish every show to Facebook and Google plus. And if he comment there and we read it on the show, we'll send you a copy Musica by and definitely follow us on Twitter. He's at rich Campbell. I'm Carl Franklin. Send us a tweet. We'll make a note of it jeeze I didn't even see that what coming up. I'm scarred now, just like that. Is got me, ding gratuitous, gratuity humor, the pun muscle man. Sorry. All right. So I can't wait to hear this interview that you did with Jimmy, so let's roll it, hey, Munich, it's dot net rocks. We have had a great day here at the mater web tour where this, our last stop. We're hearing Munich, and we have a surprise guest in the form of Jimmy Angstrom. I don't know where you came from just mysteriously appeared last night. Have this bio from your last show which is a couple years ago, and I'm gonna read parts of it anyway because it's funny because you say you are true geek, and I would argue with that and back at twenty eleven. He actually became geek of the year in Sweden because they have that in Sweden. They have. Been a windows development MVP for five years. Five years, I've years. Yeah, and runs a user group called coating after work and a podcast with the same name. And I've been a guest on that and you can check it out at coating after work dot com. Welcome sir. Thanks for being on. Thank you clad to have you here and glad to be in Munich. I love the opportunity to destroy a chat with you a bit about the sort of state of hololens and maybe talk a bit about developed methodology so forth because I feel like and correct me around you feel like we're kind of in a holding pattern. Yeah, I guess so. I mean. We're waiting for the next version. I'm hololens all about the hardware. Is that what's killing this? Because they did do a software update recently? Yeah, and actually watch that. A lot of interesting stuff. We have research mode nowadays, have we can. Read more from the sensors and stuff like that. So endorses them low level programming? Yeah, yeah. Okay. So the software update at least means somebody was working somewhere like I'm happy when I saw needed to update my hololens exactly had to get it out and tinker with a bit to get all that stuff done and get your density squared away. You've got one. Yeah, just one, we actually we have to. Okay, of course, you two people. We have got out to you. Don't want to argue about it now. He actually have one each the whole mind today. Note that doesn't work that way. But yeah, we're waiting on thought we'd have hardware by now. Yeah, so Microsoft, apparently they skip diversion to one straight to the third version. I don't know when but hopefully soon. Yeah, I would think this year I had to says the second version was skipped for the VR hardware that came out the end of last year. The Chris sort of the Christmas hardware ace's stuff and those things you get chance to play with some of that. Yeah, we actually got. We got two of them got the del one and the the more polish Thompson one. Okay. I really love the sums. I thought the price point of those were really compelling. Yes. Like three hundred ninety. Nine dollars thing for ninety. Nine dollars a five hundred dollar US unit because even the vibe and things like that are more expensive to them. Yeah. The vibe is actually, I mean, if you want to have headphone some the nice head mounting experience, you have to go even further, right?.

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