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Fell to Sheldon they put a lot of a lot of the responsibility on him that my dad should have been taking that responsibility and he showed that hello what's going on thank you who's going to take you to school me yeah I remember one time hours later was shocking you start outside as someone he was good to me I mean you know you start my older brother used to knock me sometimes but you know that's the way it is with a wood brothers yeah I always good in some ways some ways I was man who was who was not with who is he so if you feel like you were compelled to see each other now because you knew that you know it's now or never kind of thing then it means that it was important to you both right to get to see each other one easy answer yes yes a good when I get any younger or what what's what's down the road I'm AT he's eighty five I mean because of the there was a lot of water under the bridge we want to close the bridge now I want to feel easy now I want to say now he's gonna be eighty six someone called on his birthday and say Happy Birthday to one now when they're standing ceremonies anymore as my father speaks as per his brother's example dropping F. bombs like he's in a guy Ritchie film Sheldon keeps his arms crossed and his eyes shut tight he's quiet for several seconds and then he reaches out to pet his cat surely really caught my will find if anything I'll take Kerry cath I don't think you can I'm happy I came to see that I am it's good very good if.

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