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And thank you for joining us on this Friday. It's July 10th 2020. I'm Town, Jordan. Good morning. I'm Roberta. Just seeing a happy Friday and here's a look at the weekend weather, here's Dave said Stormy weather today as a cold front approaches. We'll have a couple of showers and thunderstorms, with the high of 88 temperatures cooling it to the seventies over the weekend. The complete AK US, Therefore cast is coming up. Currently it's cloudy. It's warm out there. 76 degrees W W J NEWS time. 503 and developing news this hour on Detroit's Northwest Side, where police are looking for a driver involved in a crash that sent a little boy to the hospital. W W. Jay's Charlie Late it is at the scene live and local. Good morning, scarily Good morning time. Let me just set the scene for you here. First of all, I'm on seven mile just west of Greenfield. This is a two car accident. It could be a hit and run I Detroit police around the scene right now investigating, but what we know So far. There are three people total involved in these two cars. Two Children are I'm sorry to women, and they are I'm told they are in critical condition at this hour And then there is a four year old involved and I'm told that child is stable, although still serious by at least stable condition. At this hour. It appears to be a drag race. But because the cars are so badly mangled one home is a red Dodge Avenger Avenger, and it's hard to even tell what kind of car it was because of the way it's smashed to bits, And then there's a white SUV. And the way that it looks like they were going. It looks like they were going westbound seven mile and somehow theyjust crashed. They are trying to determine the drivers if they are looking for a driver, although honestly, I'm not sure that anybody really could have been running after this collision again. Police around the scene investigating two women critical condition a four year old, stable condition. And seven mile is blocked off at Mansfield is the street but it's blocked off for this investigation Reporting live here in Detroit's West Side. Charlie Langton. LBJ News Radio 9 50 some tense moments at West Land Mall When gunfire rang out late yesterday afternoon, police say two or three men started arguing inside of a perfume stored West Land Mall. When one of the guys pulled out a gun and fired two shots. The men as well as shoppers ran out of the mall. No injuries reported by police is still looking for those involved. There is some relief in store for him in Michigan counties hit by flooding in May, as President Donald Trump has declared those county is a major disaster area. W W. James Beth Fischer joining US Live local with more. Beth Tom President Trump tweeted that at the request of Congressman John Molinar. He's approved the disaster declaration to provide more than 43 million in federal funds to help the people of Michigan recover from the recent dam break flooding. Mr Trump says he will always stand with Michigan. Molinar says This approval allows additional federal assistance to be made available to individuals and businesses through FEMA, the S P A and the.

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