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Section of the old bay bridge collapse the call if you nine in nine section of the US steel truss bridge the upper deck collapsing under the lower deck and so there's great significance you're only tell you what's going to happen shortly the governor is going to announce the Sheik alert earthquake early warning system it's operated by the U. S. Geological Survey and basically it utilizes data from a series of US ties back devices in California Oregon and Washington and it measures at the point that there isn't the origin of the earthquake and then from that point it can send out signals to people throughout the state work throughout the path of the earthquake might take to alert them to to be prepared for that and that will be used for something about my shape which is an app now available for download on cell phones and on the tablets and my shake it basically you can have your phone in your back pocket and you will receive an audible signal and that is to alert you that you need to know duck and cover and be prepared for the fact that there may be a quake on its way you may feel a quake as it comes this way there will be nothing more initially then a few seconds of warning ten seconds at the most but it's a start there were about eight hundred of the sensors across the state many more going to be put in place so again here we are in the eastern a section of the new bay bridge and we'll have an update on this coming up at noon reporting live in Oakland Jeffrey shall he speak thanks Jeffrey meanwhile west Oakland residents of first responders to the nineteen eighty nine collapse of the double decked cypress structure gathered at the site of the old freeway today to mark what's changed since the Loma Prieta quake KCBS is Holly Quan joins us live from Oakland to report one veteran had a key message for young firefighters Holly's they're still truck traffic on Mandela parkway were thirty years ago now retired fire deputy chief mark often arrive to find compressed cars on fire and people stuck inside the lower deck of the cypress freeway after the upper deck pancake in on top he says there are ground ladders were barely tall enough to get to the victim some car fires could be put out because the holes line wouldn't reach he warns young firefighters not to get complacent in their daily routines go put out a kitchen on fire you know put out a car on fire you go pick up the guy felt louder drank too much or do drugs you get all these different instruments and you're really good at handling what you normally do but just the fact that some you put it in a different situation now you're doing the same stuff you always do like an auto extrication but you're in between two decks and there's three and a half suddenly you're using skills outside the box Hoffman now walks with a cane he suffered his first back injury rescuing a woman from the cypress freeway it's an injury that played his entire career he's finally set to undergo surgery next week live in west Oakland Holly Quan KCBS thanks Holly don't miss our live hourlong special report anchored by stand bonder aftershock.

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