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Shortly after in Fort Worth Scott, sid way, KLIF news, founder of Southwest Airlines has died. The company announced yesterday that herb Kelleher passed away at the age eighty seven he changed the airline industry founding southwest. You got people out of cars and into the sky making flights affordable for many more people to fly regularly around the country Kelleher change the airline industry. Said Mr. Keller who stepped down as chief executive in two thousand one but stayed on as executive chairman and more recently as chairman emeritus police in McKinney, say a daycare worker jailed since December for allegedly severely injuring an infant boy. Now faces a total of eight warrants for harming other kids at after police reviewed surveillance video from the joyous Montazeri daycare, which shows evidence of assault on multiple children. Forty four year old. Jessica joy, we behavior came to light in December. After two month old inner care was hospitalized with eight broken ribs and a broken femur. The child's mother question bruises filed found on her child initially. She was told it was a result of a rough diaper change. We sit in the Collin county jail now on five hundred thousand dollars bond, a call for negotiations to continue from the senior citizen. A senior Senator from Texas John Cornyn took to the Senate floor after new senators were sworn in yesterday. There are a lot more productive ways to spend our time in congress, then ruthlessly attempting to annihilate our political opponents people we disagree with we can we have and we should strive to do better today marks the fourteenth day of the partial government shutdown as the White House and congressional Democrats digging over funding for border wall. Martin O'Malley the former democratic governor of Maryland and two thousand sixteen presidential candidate says he won't run for president in two thousand twenty. Instead, he says he's backing beta Rourke as endorsement of a Roku catapulted into the national spotlight is in his close. Texas. Senate race comes in a column published in the Des Moines Register. All righty. Then Fort Worth mayor bitsy prices. She will be seeking another two year term if re elected she would be the longest serving mayor in fort worth's history. You know, it's not about how long you serve. It's about what you get done and engaging with people on that the citizens of Fort Worth are willing to work with you and trust you to take care of their city. Price says she will continue to focus on neighborhood revitalization. Education with read Fort Worth and economic growth. You've heard of good luck. Charms for sports teams. Right. A lot of players are superstitious, but they won't admit it linebacker, Jalen. Smith says he's not as bad as others on his squad. Keep.

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