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Say well we gilfry godfrey up in manchester godfrey guys how dare you through his name up he was a staple in a movie one high says gilbert godfrey i'm telling you a he was he was he was so for eight we so funny but you really see some legend eu is definitely have have you seen every comic the denver around since 81 that i haven't seen how did you enjoy the great sin bed that one we know second but i will tell you bob they told me off the air that he loves cara top care when a heck of a show carlos man see it was opening up a really a guess who's the one that used to do the trouble know all who's for guy that used to do the watermelon uh gallagher yeah gallagher i didn't you know it's funny because we were talking off air and he was like hey brian regan now now i'm i'm hoping for the unknown comic john i then known comic was going to open up for gallagher was be great really yes and i was going to give him tickets shown a go to see jorge lopez i hear is coming to the orthodox soon nice lifted masseka hey how 'bout there was a tv show a years ago back in the '70s felt with it was hosted by bobby there and it was called make the laugh and the format was is that you had to they had a canadian up here in the you i wanted to put somebody in a chair and you you could crack a smile you know is no longer he couldn't practice mile that shows still around bob now that's log on that he could sucked down the road well was pretty funny anyway that's the uh you know th that's uh i don't know what the hell he called for i just it's so much uh we're gonna see guys down at the uh on the fifteenth i'm gonna condemn night with a coming down we're going to be an f one bonds wants to do it do it to its worst which is let me try set me up and i was going for though we're going to be at one bosnian mugabe f one boston inbreeding lewis on would road in braintree so make sure you come on down the.

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