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Now it'll be open to the public from nine a.m. to five p.m. all covert protocols, including screening questions, and thermal scanning will still remain in place for all visitors coming up a new push to process thousands of held up unemployment claims. It's 807 George Wallace. Here in Live Casino Hotel is hosting a job fair May 24th 25th from nine a.m. to seven p.m. at the hole. There are many positions available such as Cage Cashier table games. Dealer security V. I, P host in various food and beverage positions, plus receive a $750 sign on bonus If you're hired on the spot where for a friend and receive a sweet bonus if they're hired as well. Visit Maryland that live casino hotels dot com slash careers For more info and to apply at Rundell Mills must be 21. Please play responsibly for help visit empty gambling. Helped out or go call 1 800, gambler on caress offs, Leaders and innovation. High performance edge computing. Jeff Winter rich, chief technologist to the D. O D at H P E said cube frame for a I edge allows you to address security at the edge. So the great thing about cute Frey Frey I edge is it's built on a zero trust architectural, though it addresses the security at the edge concern. It also brings together the best of breed of Kat solution. So we talked about taking its data class accelerators to the edge. It enables Death. Sex helps Nightline from open shift and cupidity standpoints. And then it's based on open hardware as well. A software as I just mentioned that allows you to kind of tailor to any of these needs and make sure it really brings value and Time to a solution that's palatable. Let HP in video red hat Cara soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. To learn more visit paris off dot com slash innovation. That's cara. Soft dot com slash innovation. Good morning, it's 808 Get a drain cleaning for only $99. Michael answer. Traffic and weather on the AIDS Now, Jack Taylor.

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