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These are the fruits of neds secret, keeping we finally understand John's role in this tapestry of a story, and we see the links that serve Lancaster is willing to go to to preserve her influence on her power. And to take her enemies off the board. She's willing to do anything setting up a clash that is sure to be Titanic. So incredible stuff. Yeah. Those are those are my wonderful. I can watch all of those right now. I could always watch all of this next. Keith Fleming asks if you could go back and save any character who has perished on the show who would it be. And why and what role would they play in the NBA game of show? Can I ask you a question about how you interpret the question in your mind is this mean the character? Never died. And was there by time that we're bringing them back. We're going to bed now. Okay. Mila Sandra style. Not. Still million definitely. I keep this work continues in the middle of my rewatch now. And I've recently watched where he's like can I just keep the Senate head, and it is really upsetting to this. It's funny to meet him like when you meet him in season three because he's so normal. He seems kinda cool like he's helping Jamie ties saddlebags dip in the flesh. As like, you would get better tying a set a bag all just pour wine on it. I'm gonna I'm gonna do two for one. Okay. I go Robin gray wind. Okay. For them are one rob listen never lost the battle. Undefeated. Am I right? The young wolf on fucking defeated. And big reason why and we forget about this especially in the show where they kind of touch on it a little bit in that scene where gray win goes out and kills Atlanta soldiers gray wind one a lot of these battles. I'm not gonna say single potted -ly, but like historic warrior, but absolutely influential in these battles. He found trails through the mountains that no one else could find he caused panic amongst the enemy cavalry because of his ferociousness and the smell of him. Just absolutely set the horses to flight with so so important fearsome warrior was a huge reason why rob never lost in the field. And, you know, the symbolism of Robb stark and his fearsome dire. Wolf it was just important. I think you know in the battle to come to have those two back in the fold. It would be incredible. It would be incredible. If you are able to do this able to bring the young wolf and gray went back. Would be commanding is rob commanding or is John they work together. Here's how John is. Rob might feel a type away about it. Listen, you were dead my guy and now you're back. But isn't that the argument against it? The job would just be like carrying. Here's I just feel like he's got a I'm sorry. But rob you've just got to deal with it now. And here's the other thing. Here's the thing though, distract him with a woman song off a foot to get him out of the way. Here's the thing. If you don't cover a set of up. Tacky again, I suppose. Jack get any work done that one of the most like sex position scenes ever because like the camera over to Lisa's, Atwood. She goes attack. Oh, anyway, oh, my job because it actually works out because John can just be like, listen, I'm the king king now. Right. It's actually like I'm less concerned about Robyn, John and more concerned about John Danny like that's the dynamic. I'm more worried about John will be like, rob. You wanna rule in winner? Phil, you got it. Serious work it out with salsa. Honestly serious question for. Yeah. How long before rob? And Danny fuck if they're in the same place. Wow. I mean. How long I don't know that he's all about that John stuff right now. I think it's okay..

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