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Hello hello. Welcome to go slide. My name is lena. And my name is chase. And we're your host your house and it's good to be here with you. Thank you for joining us on another adventure. Yeah thanks for coming for coming to our our seminar. Today we are going to talk about the who gwang guild hall in beijing china or Who long hui guang in mandarin awesome and this one the script. I prepared me. I'm excited. it's it's fun to do another international. Oh yeah yeah. I'm excited to do it in another international How are you today before we get into it. I'm good. I'm good Yeah it's been. It's been a fun time adjusting to life with a soka. My little pop and i think one of us our key who reached out to and give a good tip about like since a soak his name. I'm like she's what she's sleeping right was trying to say it but since since like has like vows in it that sound like no to use commands that say like more like stop or To like help with like telling her no instead of it sounding like her name. She sang that. So thank you for that tip. I thought that was like so sweet that she reached out to leah. Because that's a that's a really good. I've been. I've been adopting at so thank you. Oh yeah that's such a good job. I love that good. You know anyway. Future pets yes. yeah how are you doing. How's it we can looking good. I'm just chilling thought taco bell last night. Oh sounds would you. Oh wait. where'd you get don just talking about mcdonalds and taco bell on whatever episodes so i'm excited to continue the fast food conversation. Would you get. I got a crime trap. Supreme obviously but with beans instead. Because they're me kind of freaks me out. I eat sometimes. But i like the beans and they got rid of potatoes which is like really really sad. Because they they used to have chief yasser potatoes which were so It was just like cheese and argument cream and potatoes. No and so annoying because they they took all that away and they said they were to make room for more items on the menu. Were taking away like potato based dishes or something like routing potato. But it's like have the new additions ready to go free. Take the shit out. Like 'cause then there's just like this gaping hole on your menu that is yet and my heart that is yet to be filled mostly in my heart. Most most the most importantly mart Also starving so ham talking about my mouth watering and i'm like oh i have only had a protein bar today and it's two o'clock in the afternoon. Yeah yeah definitely temper. Lynch lynch live the dream lurch over the lunch. Anyway go right into this theat hough. Let's do it. I'm very excited. Another international treasurer. Okay so i to get into the history. The who guang guildhall was built in eighteen. Oh seven and is located in the shih-chung district in beijing and was known as one of the four great theaters in all of beijing which is famous for its opera many Famous past and present opera singers have performed there. It was also one of the centers of political and social life in the late qing dynasty where political officials and like just regular working class people merchants. Everyone gathered together in the same space in they would eat and talk and watch beijing opera on the stage and the ching dynasty which was the final imperial dynasty in china lasted from sixteen forty four to nineteen twelve.

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