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Dumpster in thirty minutes we don't have to hold back telling you that 'bellissimo lenders is coming on now the republican assembly woman from the empire lake elsinore and that region and she put out a press release that she is resigning as the assistant republican leader because of what happened with these republicans voting for raise gas prices in sacramento lewis that thanks for coming on what what is the point of the republican party in california whoa what's what's the point of this very wildly dissolve i know it's supposed to be a perfect attacked pair hector workingclass but a third of weight the appear that everyone on a republican fighter uncontained okay let's head maize come to you to try to get you to vote for this or how did that work no no no this way up until the day of the baruch he was telling everybody there were no republican vote we knew that our you we're gonna try to get going out of her the bill better way than a fertile fan we knew he was working on that but we didn't find out early i didn't find out um i'm gonna guess the other people who voted wicker blue boat referenced had no idea why let me ask you something why is he such a liar he and what's that of the guy's name mark stein a side who are essential kuqa's any out messages to constitu it's claiming that there is no 63 sent egg gas tax increase their their they lied about what they were going to do they lied about what they did are there are they psychotics but what's wrong with them well i mean they're given information i now that whatever control leader in ohio where they put together the report growing commissioner i don't think that they all have their reason for voting for it but they know what lady say were lamour all rant way way way way they were all grandstanding back in april over the twelve saint gas tax we played their clips they're all shaking their faily voted 'no and of course it's a burden on the people and and then and then they pass a bill which is five times worse the tax increase is five times worse than the one they were screaming about april twelve cents to sixty three sets at socraithe chuck.

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