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Guess was last week february tenth was the serb's new data the story look as high school students have been encouraged addressed according to three in his like member come monday okay guess that means american hurting yep yeah you know where you're american flag ensuring out of sort of american flag shirt you know that you got a told maybe tropical tuesday this hawaiian shirts workout wednesday sweat spot active where i also heard thursday's event where students were encouraged addressed like followed doesn't well what it was i was going to happen diversity in written apology addressed to deal him to spy community principles people for sean apologize for the quote culturally insensitive activity which he said promoted negative and inaccurate stereotypes of this activity does not reflect the feelings or values of our school or community he wrote my apologies to any member of our schooler community who are made to feel on safe on valued or denigrate it in any way shape or form now that's the see that's the only story i had was for me so wake her own and it is so it doesn't really give any examples well i think you can imagine oh yeah no way the city there are some more here some people who says frye studio leaders had intended today to celebrate hip hop culture by mimicking the dress of some of their favored all that paul day don't be followed debut well that's all hip hop is the next five years like to be but you geez as well it's him for appropriate to ensure those types of activities in terms of music and culture does not appropriate to dress up in this type of way especially under the banner of follow good there were you know you can i'm yeah gangster stuff at these just say until popped a and then it's not an issue yeah it's who would still be an issue what's the it would stood there to still be a pro motor candidate number two there are no smarts like streak smarts i hear voter candidate number three this who's your captain in things are pretty.

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