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She. A wild person has to be possible. Is this a troll lying? Also. I think that I don't think the is lying. I think that the old guy is lying in the way that it's not that. He didn't know the word was bad. It's that he didn't know how severe the social punishment for using it was until now. And now, he's realizing he's looking around. He's like he knew it was not good. He knew it was not the way that black people care to be referred to by white people. But he just thought it was like more casual than it is. And now he's become aware that it is bad that I can kind of believe I'm still just like good up. Yeah. Don't tell poor Roxane gay this. She didn't ask I guarantee she did not ask people to divulge when they learned the n word was bad. Maybe that was her famous. Like you remember where you were in nine eleven. Everyone. Shout out the exact date and time Euler the this guy's nine eleven. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He had to burn so many of his favourite poems that he wrote. His world turned upside down. Shirts. I guess the thing that's frustrating is it's like this is a man who needs to be quiet, but understand that. He's no he's not far enough along the path of learning to understand that sort of nuance thing because he just learned the N word was bad. Yeah. We're at Sesame Street level. Yeah. We all. Sesame Street probably would cover this. We drink. Explicitly on this show me talk about that. Because we get like such a wide swath of experience with our listeners. Sometimes we cover things that seem very basic like in our news topical section and listeners are kind of like, this is basic you're scratching the service. And then sometimes we take a deep dive on stuff that goes completely over people's heads. And we get tweets that are like I had no idea. This was even a conversation. Wow. So are possible. Our show is imposed. Yeah. Truly truly impossible. So I in a way, I only a half believe that guy. But I think he's being his memory is selective. Yeah. Using to also I'm surprised I didn't see Roxane gay tweet about this. Specifically. Things that would definitely be threat. God I feel like so many things get lobbed at her. She has. Well, maybe this'll bring it up again. And I assume someone will snitch tagger. One of the the response to this post. So well, I guess it's not a snitch tag. We're not saying anything. No. It's just annoying to tag people when you don't that's something that if we wanted to tag her we would, but she doesn't need to be reminded shit. This happened her real she doesn't need this bullshit. Let's do to another voice mail. Hi, Connie, Andrew and guest. I am a white woman. And I have been wanting to get a cut to I've been thinking of getting a Nordic room or a couple of Nordic rooms, but upon doing from research, I've noticed that a lot of ancient Nordic symbolism has been appropriated by white supremacist. So I was wondering is it racist to get Nordic grin tattoos? Thank you. Did you just know about this phenomenon? I just looked up what they are. And I have seen them. But what are they like for lack of a better word? They are like character Elvis shit. Adore adore thing from Lord of the rings basic five, but the bigger phenomenon. This is something I this is this goes back like alphabet character what I'm trying to like an alphabet that was once used. Yeah. And no longer. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's the Nordic thing. I think is what I was jumping on. Because that is that was one of my first foray into internet. Racists was on my space because my space would ban like explicitly like Neo Nazi language of all kinds. And I don't know. I don't know if this this phenomenon preceded it, but I saw it. I wherein racists would organize themselves by using by calling themselves. Openness tes? And and talk a lot about their Nordic heritage or just really into. X and y parts of you know, Nordic stuff, you know, as as they're like real pathetic code for white supremacy. Now that code might have been ruined by the release the motion picture sore and Thor to the dark world, but I don't know. I don't know if that's been Rico opted by the mainstream, but for a long time like any of that shit was like white supremacists code, but clearly coded enough that it's not like a big part of the vernacular seems like the question here of like is the tattoo racist is kind of immaterial because we know that that's not why she wanted to get it the question like is it a bad idea? Yeah. Yeah. And that seems like yeah. Because in the future, you don't know how wide spread. Yeah. Sort of associations going to be and people are going to see your tattoo and assume. Yeah. Which happens enough with that Jews anyway? Yeah. All choose are bad. I mean, it's a little there is a chance it feels like actually that again. I think in at least some part because of Marvel's Thor franchise that that like it's been sort of remain streamed all this like fucking. But then like, you know, what is it? The what's the what's the song that the not the opera the, Nazis, the alka racia- Wagner. Got yelled at last time. We talked about the Rheingold because it was written long before the Nazi party, blah, blah, don't care what they like it. Now was our point lots of Nazis of taken a lot of shit. So it really oh opera stands fucking get mad. Whenever you call the. Yeah. But the the ring cycle. Yes, what we were talking about. Somebody got mad Hitler's favorite. Why am I doing with a fucking opera person? I'm sorry. You're you're song taken my Nazis. But it got taken my family got taken. There. We are not sorry. Right. Like this. In these symbols. The only one that I like recognize is that s thunderbolt s q off a. He's a. And it seems like that's all tied together. So like definitely don't get that one. Is there a way you can get like the symbols to spell out? I'm not a Nazi black lives matter. The Nordic symbols. That's yeah. You gotta do that for the discerning. Nordic race. I here's the other may be more currently relevant version of this. Because I think these two cultures are going to clash if they haven't already which is Neo Nazis. Love the the us eight as symbolism. Eight is the eight is the eighth letter of the elf abet. So it's. Short for how Hitler, that's the other Nazi code. However, Chinese people think the number eight is lucky and so eight is like very prevalent, basically when whenever you see someone on Twitter who has tagged they're like username with eight. It's either Chinese gambler or Neo Nazi literally at always does that ven diagram, meet unlikely animal friendships. Really fucking weird. But that what I think is actually gonna come to some kind of head because like it used to be just reflexively like anyone who uses eight, you know, there they're Neo Nazi? And now it's like, well, I should probably be blocking Chinese gamblers as well. So you know, what it's the same block of villa needs. Us those neighboring. They might be lucky. Casino. They know how to work the cards. I don't get gambling. Don't get this. Hatch. You madam. I'm so sorry. It's your heritage. And you want something that votes that I suggest another piece of art by Nordic artist. Yeah. Nordic tattoo artist. Explain your conundrum and have something done that's cultural that Nazis, haven't co-opted Bjork Bjork is ice Landik. How dare you Nordic? Not really she's talking about Vikings. They're still Vikings. Oh my God. Now, we're really going to get yelled at what's different this. Boy, you could also just go something small enough that you could get it covered up. If you see it's a problem. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. Be ready. Be ready to take that tattoo back. But it is kind of a scary thing not scary like your life could be in danger. But like scary for two maybe accidents signal to other Nazis that you might be one of them. Like if you're wearing one of these things, and someone sees you and just assumes that's the position. I wouldn't want to be in. Yeah. I mean predicament for a lot of scoff aunts, truly. I mean, I literally mobs and general the one time I got. Oh, yeah. What does it? Depend sherman. Is that the Nazi? Sure. Jackie's white my red make America great again have those things can be taken for being a new. No, the one time I was like closest to like a violent Nazi hate crime. Was Fred Perry were thinking of model was in. I was in New York. This was one of my early times when I was like a halo too, many white people. But I like we're in this like really shitty bar in the Lower East Side. And these dudes with shaved heads and like tattoos, and I saw like an eighty eight to one of their like

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