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Right let's go meghan kelly her such an episode dipped ten percent while he was the lookie lou factor of y'all yeah be larry kelly and ryan the first day yeah and kelly in ryan probably had her on the dvr they watched it in these there's there's nothing hitter we that candidacy here folks do we will reduce area new keeping real in relatable italy working now you're getting so much better yes he really is i think that whoever told us that it was our friend the go lorry go men who wrote the book class mom you think she said these two grocer minnesota no no would she told us that that the world that he comes from is is noticed scripted coal completely yeah i mean even you know keeping up with the kurdish ch'ien's you know yeah a producer right in there to make the transition to being a relatable regular purse person i mean thank god we stumbled into this job i mean we just were or that you know i mean you know we were who we were at yes it didn't matter what job that we were alien we weren't used to like doing and he he's had to kind of an of horror because he's legal is rumour american the only people wherever probably really known him since he's become famous is just his small circle of family in that hardwon kelly you'll about him because you can see the affection you really can and i and we were so shocked when she hired him i i just feel like every day gets better if he does yeah yeah he because they think she's worked on him and so is andy cohen yeah about just relax in being yourself and don't be afraid to share you don't have to have it all be this polished way you gotta be gary gotta make fun of yourself yes or or even just sharing you know thing yes which a you know he's never done in a work situation the road to never never would add to suit in lowering knew that about him but i i still think that um abc you know they wanted to get him mike nucleus up showing me things are the things we can't discuss their reviewed of of things that people would like to be seen so.

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