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So I think you should all head over there and is the code Hub? Just because Steven sorry, what'd you say home for the holidays birthdays holidays? Yeah. I think you should just for that reason. It's awesome. So it is a great product. I'm checking out everybody and I think you'll like it. So Stephen going from washing your butthole back to the PlayStation 5. What are your thoughts on the rest of it outside of the controller? Well, so the one thing that Xbox that PlayStation did that makes zero sense to me and that Xbox kicks it it's button speaking of but that was unintentional. I promise but clean but then yeah well so, you know how you turn the Xbox off. Or like but it's sleep or whatever whatever it's actually called. You just like hold the the Xbox button down and then it pops up right turn off. Yep. Well PlayStation 4 used to be like that switch is like that. Nope not publication 5 to do it on the PlayStation 5 you have to double tap and then move the cursor all the way to the right and click on Power and then click it again. So it literally makes zero sense to me. And so the fact is is questionable as far as that goes but I do think the menu systems better than the PlayStation 4 was I still think X-Box wins that front and I am always thought that way for a long time. I've never liked PlayStations you I but I haven't really enemy either super good chance of jumping into the games as much but I'm really excited to try like Spider-Man to see what bank, you know how it takes advantage of that. But which one works harder for excited for Spider-Man or for Demon Souls? Oh that's really tough or to replay the original song. Play around. I think I'm most excited to start Miles Morales, but I'm not doing that until after I've played through the original Spider-Man cuz I never knew the DLC and I've always meant to what was the the original was like what twenty ish hours or something like that. So it's all right, maybe twenty-five. Yeah, like it's super game. It's one of my favorite games of Last Chance. Yeah. I think I beat it in one weekend. So but I played it a lot in that one weekend off Sports desperately needs a game like oh hundred percent and they had one with overdrive which is not surprising. They could have had a great franchise but no funny same developer off. So I mean but I will will definitely see what happens going forward. I'm excited to see some of the new stuff Xbox is going to bring with the table. I hope they I've always been saying or I've always thought that Xbox need some of those games like the Spider-Man or like the Ratchet & Clank which are like family-friendly fun mindless fun. Sometimes like turn your brain off on and more FAQ. I'll be honest with you. I think I mean your fax box were to eventually purchased WB Games. I think it would be a bigger get for them than Cinemax in Bethesda. Yeah, because of the same types offered. Yeah, I can see I think they're more inclusive in terms of different play Styles and different, you know demographics. I think bush has the Taylor's more to the hardcore gamer, which is great. Like that's awesome. And they make great games that are full of bugs, but they're still super awesome for sure. And but yeah, I just I don't know..

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