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What's on your mind? Vanessa is on my mind, Big boy. I am a veteran from the Navy. And as I know, with most of the veterans I know We have to go through sexual harassment training, like almost quarterly. Okay, so this is not something that's not addressed in the military. Unfortunately, I would have a lot of drunk soldiers on the base who would attempt to get in my room. But I fought back. And so I'm blessed that nothing actually occurred. But I can't say that for other women I knew in the military But what shirt me out was that I started looking at the whole history for hood, and I know that it's been in the media throughout the years, but it is corrupt, big like it took me. I just started looking at a few things, and I just started making the notice. Because we're talking like hundreds of murders that have happened on Fort Hood. And just even with the last year there was another female found in her car dead soldier on the basic founded I literally have a list of 123456789 10. That's the start of murder that have gone unsolved and it just seems real suspicious. Like And the police. They all you know these guys cover up for each other. I know that a lawyer that's working with her family is setting up a congressional hearing. And this is way past you on DH. I'm so happy that women are speaking up, but for her, it is they need to go in there deep. Because there is no way I don't know if there's like some soldiers that Aaron Sex trafficking or a drug ring, But if you look at these cases, it's all around the neighborhood of quite like I think you pronounce it piling killing Texas. I've been I've been to that base of been up into that base. Yeah, and brandy with first. Thank you for your service. But Brandy you You said that you would have sexual harassment where you were the guys who get drunk and even tried to force themselves in your room. Remember one night I was walking home. I was on the bass because you know, we had stores nearby. And sometimes it's just nice. Take a walk. I got to the point where I didn't want to walk in him because I remember one night like some of the guys that come home deployment Giron HK just coming off the ships is drunk. And these guys literary. I don't know if they're just messing around. But they chased me all the way to my barracks to literally where I barely closed the door shut just in time. If they would have got in my room. I don't know what happened. But the sentiment was like okay. Ah, Some guys are after you. And you know it's not that I don't believe in speaking up, because obviously liquid speaking, it does. It's like you might get Ridiculed. But just like would be a limb stuff is changing, like the fact that if we've been quiet for so long, it's like sorry you all don't want to hear it. But this is what's going to make the change happen. And so I'm so sad of Vanessa had to pass in the horrible manner. She did, But I'm hoping that now for her good looks and where you are Fort Hood. Where you somewhere, So I was up? No. I was stationed in naval station. Yeah, it happens. But about that the Navy had it worse, but apparently short, like They're topping the charts. You know, Brandy. Thank you for your call. Thank you for your service. My pleasure. Thank you for letting us know what's on your mind. All right, Be a beautiful day. Viewers will enjoy life. Big boy's neighborhood.

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