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Excuse me sixty three to seventy, but I still my say sixty two because they were playing in Hamburg and stuff. And when the bills broke Ecorse, he formed wings. Really good group silly love songs. You know, simply having a for Christmas time living, let died jet goodstuff. Paul McCartney is always like a pod genius. He might have been the king of poppy for Michael. And of course they collaborated together to the girl is mine and say. And now with Mr. Serpa McCarthy, he. Has no amount Egypt station. This is a seventeenth solo album. Still Osceola record spiky records and September of this year. It's produced by Greg. Kirsten. I, with the exception of one track produced by Ryan Tetter. Is McCartney's first release since two thousand thirteen knew the items. I double a side single consisting of two sauce. I don't know. Come onto me released June of this year. The name Egypt station is shared by one of McCartney's paintings from nineteen eighty eight from which the cover art is derived. It becomes his first number one album. The United States since nineteen eighty two tug of war. And as I today atop the billboard, two hundred. And yeah, so this painting? Okay. Egypt station. And you see under the word, each station is like two paramedics once more than. To the left the left pyramid smaller than right pyramid, and there's two palm trees. One tall. The left one is taller than the wanted to write the palm tree, and there's like a ram. Like on this on this might be on the station, and there's like a yellow background is a little pain. It's hard to describe but, but his def, definitely. I catching. So the first track is called opening station and it's instrumental. You can hear the sound of a train station in the choir and background harmonizing, and then that sound fades out. Then it goes into the next track, which is, I don't know. So now I don't know, starts off with an acoustic piano, sound soft and sweet in acoustic guitar plays with them. In the background, the piano rhythm changes. Paul McCartney stars to sing the drums kick in the same time. He starts his opening verse faint, baseline kicks him behind his vocals, the drums basic kick drum snare. Drum pattern, the jumps piano anchor, the song acoustic guitar fades back in towards the end of the song, the percussion vary vary eights. At the end of the song. You can hear a Tiffany sound towards the end of the drummer. This this sound, the sound gives the song like a climax finality to it at the end. Gets more dynamic to the song. The song about circum- McCartney's. Him question has life is one of those rare moments where things have not been going right, and he knows it has something to do with him, but he can't figure out what's wrong on his end. He has loved his life and he knows that she's not the problem and whatever the pain is. He will bear in protect her from it. He also that he is fire from learning about life's lessons. His self reflection drives him to ask what's wrong with me. His only answer is I don't know..

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