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Llewelyn Bowen's on the settlers. Thanks for getting the best based on looking at across sections thirty. Want a mix of a mix of people you can get MoD in the in the ethics of of who you take the sort of people you sort of paper you take but you pizza. Well I was sitting came about two years ago and have connects to me. He was on. That list was trying to get on. The list is one hundred or something that said there was that there was there have been various malls projects. There was this project which is now gone out out of business. which was you could sign up to go to Mars? All the people I met and I can't talk about the person who was who said all the people I had signed. You do not want to the right person US and no one wants to go. I mean I don't mean I don't mean as in they don't want it to be honest if they were sensible and they really were informed the facts they would not want to go to malls with they. It's it's a horrible place. I think the Elton John put it best. Mars ain't the place to raise the kids. It's a grim place. I th I suppose if we need to send two thousand people off the planet to save humanity then that becomes that becomes the question. Would you go to Moscow's no no. I would not be hurrying to get onto that list. I thank God preferred to be on the On the as it were and Douglas had successfully exactly a really interesting example. HITCHOCK's go at at the galaxy the B ark supposedly useless people including the telephone book sanitizers and the whole of civilization gets worked out by a bug that starts telephone clam box so of its time in the nineteen eighties but that is exactly right. You can't it's very difficult to choose who you take. Thanks Richard Safety once coming. I'm in for you. Patricia from Hitchin is wandering about double yoked aches. Since you brought in an EMU ache you can hopefully sold about this. She's wondering if you have an an egg yolks in it Will you get two chicks if they were to be fertilized no unfortunately well actually very happily for for the chicks thanks. So what's happening. There usually get double yolk eggs from chickens when they are new to laying and it's a mistake that they've made survive over provision a An egg they're often very small exits. Well that coming from poets so when the chicken mets the egg they're creating the joke that's going to be all of this. It's full of fat and resources to allow the developing embryos to grow now. It's a mistake that they've made because they're not used to that process yet and they've over invested they didn't egg. But when is working its way down a track it will be televised by one spam from the wrister so you would not get to. There are two fertilizer ball. Sort of precursors in there in the summer as a human egg could could actually split a make to uh-huh or you could have two human eggs to sperms and therefore have two non identical twins in that case. You can't do the same. The chicken neck. You can't split the embryo to an end up with two developing chicken chicken eggs in an egg. I'm fairly sure you can't of never known this. Turpin burns however in reptiles sort of mistakes do seem to happen and this is why why you seem to have a a lot of very strange photos occurring of double headed snakes to headed turtles since to happen more often than would would be predicted by chance. I mean it is a chance event so it seems to be that you can create twins in reptiles but not impact. So there you go Patricia it wwco eat with impunity. Not Killing two chickens just eating one potential chicken. Thank you very much for that Georgie. On the form says what blind people see that is a very good question and the short answer is it depends on the blind person but probably more than you might imagine. of the people in the UK who are registered blind about ninety five percent of them can see something some level of light and dark about seventy five percent. People who are registered blind can read newspaper headlines so most people have got some level of residual vision and in fact we no longer talk about people being registered blind wind. But we call it severely sight impaired these days because that's a lot more representative of what people actually see but then what somebody actually sees kind of depends is predominantly on the reason for their visual loss and it can be quite different depending on different conditions so if you take something like macular degeneration in which the most common cause of vision loss in the UK that damages vision in the center so in the middle of vision. The area called the macular in the retina. which does the vision? which is that? You're looking at when you look directly at so when I'm looking you in the Macula that's doing the work there. If if I had macular degeneration right now I would look at you but what I would see is the rest of the room Lower Acuity. Because it's the rest of the room but the big where I would expect to see the most detail would be the blurry or worse case scenario. Black Patch yeah no face to see a black patch that tends to be something that that gets put in pictures to this is. What macular degeneration looks like? It tends not to be actually when you actually ask people. They'll say that things are missing or blurred the brains brilliant filling filling in. So if you have got this damaged area in the centre mostly what will happen is is that that bit in the middle will be filled in to match the surrounding the the is still working and so with macular degeneration people have still got peripheral vision. It's very very rare that somebody would lose vision altogether but that central part of vision that you would use for recognizing faces for reading that kind of thing that would be the most impact. But then on the counter side to that you've got other conditions like retinitis Pigmentosa mantosoa which is an inherited retinal disorders that affect the the receptors. At the back of the IRA's well but that predominantly affects peripheral vision so so that means that somebody tends to with that kind of condition tends to lose their prefer vision but retain the central vision. So that's a little bit like looking through a tunnel. So you concede straight ahead but everything off to the sides has disappeared. So that makes things like mobility and getting around finding out where you are and how to get to some very very difficult but it still leaves somebody with enough central vision to maybe be able to read or use their phone so there have been some instances recently where people have got into trouble. Bless your liking. They're they're they're out and about with their white cane or their guide dog. Somebody spots them using phone. Goes All. You're cheating you're not blind birth. That's complete nonsense. You try living with only or central vision and peripheral vision and you will find that although yes you can use your phone. You are still very visually impacted by that. Can you imagine kiss. Thank you very much Peter. Let's dove into the quantum world now because Sarah says quantum computing is now here. We'll patching comment mental net. But she then goes on to say but how far are we from having quantum computers that are on our desktops and also in our pockets. Yes okay well. Quantum computing hit the headlines headlines in the last week or so because Google came up with a new version that called cinema which was fifty three cubits very briefly non technically a bit normally as zero. One accumulates contemplate can have multiple states. So say it has a thousand which is a number token about two together as a million whereas to bits digital bits is only four states it could be from that so good crater this thing which they claim will do a calculation that takes into savings which normally take ten thousand years. So that's it's pretty quick this. IBM came back and said look. We've got to compete. When we don't agree with us and we think that she should be comparing turn to sex with two and a half days still the big difference? The point is what this quantum computer looks like and the Russian pages on the Internet basically runs at fifteen thousand insist degrees above absolute zero. That's not going to be easy to get in your pocket. Stout Mili Kelvin. There's also a few other problems Cuban itself if you've got one in your how disc or on your mobile phone you want to stay there. The decay time of Cuba this ten microseconds so in these refreshing rushing quite quickly it also randomly will change state in a way that they really understand. So you need a lot of Eric correction so they say it'll take about ten years before you get a big enough quantum computer in the lab about she do something that's going to be really a basic. Absolute Zero can take a lot of energy so I have no clue how long creek maybe for it gets into our pockets. Richard Well I guess at a question about this is that competition and you mentioned. IBM and Google. Because a lot of these things I was talking about space and the space race and all of these things happen. When you've got competition people competing and suddenly things get fostering false? Yeah you can buy a quantum computer from a company in Canada actually. Yes they have forgotten the name now but it's so you can have a few bits long. The point is that it is. It's sort of on the hype curve at the moment is going up. They've only knows about the height of the cotton heitkamp and there's no doubt will be used they say for instance that a quantum computer will be able to crack any cryptology in the world instantaneously. That means nothing. Nothing is secret any longer anywhere now. Of course people working on stopping that happening all kinds of different ways. It's a very long way from any form of commercials but yet competition does help. Okay Peter Thank you very much indeed and if there's something that you've always wanted to know then why not send in your questions to the next one of these shows and we'll try and sneak them in. Its Chris at the naked scientists dot com or tweet at naked scientists. Katie.

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