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If just ten thousand people did this it would add twenty-seven protective years to her life. That's politicos former chief political columnist, homophobic, Mike Pence had to swear in Kirsten cinema. The first out by sexual Senator in history on a law book and not a bible. He's uncomfortable. And she's having fun with it. This is everything homophobic, Mike Pence Oma for Mike Pence homophobes Mike Pence, look at that, homophobia, homophobic, Mike Pence. This is everything the American psychological association said APA has issued its first ever guidelines for practice with men and boys they draw in more than forty years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful. And that socializing boys to suppress their emotions caases damage in good news. Egyptian President el-sisi helped open the largest Middle Eastern cathedral earlier this week on the eve of Coptic Christmas. And finally, no. What we're watching is a group of grown bleep men with their baby children in room together. Dancing in a synchronized fashion. It's all sorts of. No. And I would bet good money that each and every one of those men in that room at some point during their wives pregnancy said we were pregnant, and that's what happened while we were away in two minutes or less. All right. So the wall stuff really to get to that next segment because some of it's gonna show up in our in in the truth bomb as well. And I think the way Aaron laid all of that out requires a comprehensive conversation one thing I do want to say about it. Now. Winded. Chris cuomo. When did Chris Cuomo become the voice of reason, the look on his face teacher? Todd has a question the look on his face when Don lemon, and by this was not an we'd let's not do to them what they tried to us last week. We're one anonymous chewing on account lost their minds than I still believe. I in fact, I need to believe is really the truth. I need to believe was a double agent of the Okasha Cortez political machine pretending to be conservative. 'cause I just don't wanna believe anybody wearing my uniform is this dumb. And it was just this one account, and then the New York Times nine liberal media outlets talked about how conservatives were pound were. Yes, we're incensed when most conservatives I saw were incensed that that account thought that that was a legitimate attack. That's what I saw. So let's not do this to them. I want you to know if typically unless we want to laugh, we do not we don't look at Don lemon is a serious source of information on this show. Right. This was this. There were several new stories about this that I saw my Twitter feed yesterday from various outlets debating, whether the the media ought to give coverage to a presidential address. Yep. Yep. No. I mean, absolutely not. And I can promise you. I don't I don't care what sacred cow on the right? It was if this was ever if this would ever be suggested in the future about a duly elected democratic president, my answer will still be a resounding. No, we're not having conversations about whether we give the American people a chance to communicate directly with the person they via their own majority elected to be their duly elected president of the United States, by the way is an unrelated story. Why don't they take seriously? Todd your thoughts..

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