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Drugs you you own music music like we'll take you to the same. Because there are enough. Instances where music has taken me to the same place. The plus the ecstasy would have taken. When i was pregnant and couldn't dear drugs. I was like man i need to feel was fireman. I remember this one does middle of the pandemic remember one night driving. They like kind of an empty new york city on the way to a doctor's appointment or something and i was like i need to feel it and i turned on a song a particular song way to feel it. And you know. I felt the flicker but then i realized how how lucky to have been able to access the frequency. That's having a sunny sunny experience of mental health if it was so easy like if everyone could just do it every exactly and i mean. Isn't that what the what what antidepressants or what certain are supposed to do which is to help you potentially access or at least put you in a place where you are more more open to it. But with so chemically bound. I mean you say stopping breastfeeding. I had exactly the same experience. Because you've been flooded with oxytocin with the happiest most loving divine connected hormone in existence in for me it makes testosterone looked like a kind of wet salami sandwich it's it's so divine divinely experienced and feels like is divinely given that when you take that away no one day you feel bereft. I'm glad to hear that. You experiment with your ways into that. In fact when i was talking about your book trick mirror with a couple of girlfriends who really experienced depression. They said that reading the xy it gave such a vantage point of how there may be other ways in that they don't let themselves they so identified themselves as depressed. People that allowing that experiential stuff might help them find a different pathway in was super helpful. You talking about the frequency that you you have to kind of actively put yourself within the band four. Yeah it's you know they do. There's so much psychedelic therapy and sort of an even like m end of life therapy you know. Mda there'd be hosting. Yep absolutely. And i really do think that there is something i mean that was. It has served that purpose. I'm wary of doing this too much. Relying on it solely. But you know there's something to be said for reminding yourself at this frequency is available to you you know and sometimes you might have to use an artificial means to access it and make you wanna do that all the time bitch. It has served that purpose. Ramiz reminding wake. I am capable of feeling just unbelievably fucking grateful to be alive. That's amazing narrow from elvis duran and the morning show on iheartradio and i know we all need a little fun. This summer will chucky is offering you just that i used to take my boys there all the time. When they were younger we even had birthday parties. There and i can't wait to take my nephews and my niece there this summer and you guys know. I'm obsessed with their pizza. It's delicious the chucky cheese. Summer fun pass offers parents new ways to save every time they visit chuckie cheese starting at only thirty nine ninety nine the summer fun pass offers. Weekly gameplay andy tickets another great perks you can save up to seventy five percent so if you're looking for weekly fun for the family this summer for one low price at then you gotta go. Just download the new chucky cheese mobile app by your path and play all summer long. See the website or a store for details limited time and participating locations only terms and conditions apply see website for details. Tickets are on sale now. Axs dot com for our twenty twenty one iheart radio music festival life. Music is back. September seventeenth and eighteenth in las vegas biggest artists to music. Come together for one weekend with performances. you've never seen before. And we'll never see again. Billie eilish cheap trick coldplay to aletha florida georgia line status cool journey khalid little baby maroon five nellie sem hunt special guest performance by finneas and more mobile arena in las vegas alright heart radio. Music festival is the ultimate once in a lifetime. Experience tickets now while you still can through. Axs dot com.

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