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The plane? In episode twenty two cindy Evanston talks about how creating an interdisciplinary skillset could influence. Close Your career down the road. You have to step as hard as as hard as it is because we already don't have a lot of time but to step out of the lab and onto to do something else even get. I don't know some sort of one year program in a different field. That merges with yours you know like If it's in psychology and you know you don't become you know you don't want to do research in psychology look into whatever aspect that you enjoy whether it's child development or her Aging or whatever could be just emerged I think also not to be afraid to merger education with something else And I could be a weird mix it could be You just finish your signs and you love cooking and you might talk about the neuroscience of baking. I don't know I'm just saying like don't be too merged urge to different fields. Because that's what I did. I hesitated when I wanted to look into education a little bit more and but it was that jumper that leap into something different. That really helped me on episode twenty three Mark Rendall shares advice on dealing with criticism and with comparing yourself with others. Most people take action or don't take action based off what they think other people are going to think about them. And I'm going to hand you the golden ticket right here. People are not thinking about you. You they're thinking about themselves and they're thinking about what you're going to do and how that's GonNa make them look so when you really start to focus on why you're doing what you're doing in what you want to do in life and you stop thinking about what other people are thinking. which is themselves you can get really really intentional? and Re and really really clear on what you I want to do and you can live a life of purpose fun episode Twenty Four. You'll cost the talks about the importance of being patient in your search for the dream job. The life academia is very full of existential questioning and once you find a solution Russian let it let it sinking and and then take the risk like there's no there's no right path you just you'll you'll see. There is really not as solution of formula and you have been and till now if you are. PG students say until now you've been following a certain direction that the educational system has provided you or this society that you are in but you realize that there are so many avenues and so many possibility. So yeah chill out I would say And and get some Sun on and get some positive vibes wherever you can find and yeah go for it. It's I know that it seems like a race I I know that he seems very complicated for many people but I I really feel. There's always some sort of solution and you just have to. Yeah I don't know if it's wait for it but once you found it don't let it go and let it be so twenty. Five is one eleven to share. Here's some advice on how to choose your own path doing your Grad Studies. I think people should If you really love science and you want to dive in in research you should indefinitely go for a PhD. And it's okay if you change your minds midway and you change a little bit route don't forget it's your pitch it's not your supervisors answers. Its European so you have the right to choose your own path chooses supervised. The choice of supervisor is super important so chooses supervisory cit. I would not just for his or her scientific resume but also for their human qualities their personality the way the work. It has to work for you as well. The other thing is when you're midway through the supernatural to have doubts especially between the second and third year when everything is going wrong think because usually when it goes wrong between the second and the third year and you really wonder what am I doing with my life but if you want to do science related stuff well just just hang in there and finish it it will be worth it because when you finish your it's not just just the signs that you've learned you learned a set of skills. That will be super important for you in the future like problem solving and teamwork and meeting me any other people in getting people to help you solve problems and looking for answers and so many things that you learn along the way so having a PhD is an assets if you're doing a PhD in thinking of becoming a Pi. Well that's probably not going to happen. The numbers are not in your favor but having a PhD is wonderful because it opens doors and if you want to many other science related jobs having the is obviously a plus and even if you're not going to science well lots of consultants they value having people with PhD's because they know they're problem solvers and consultants will l.. That's their day to day job south problem so having a PhD's always an asset and this is it for twenty nine hundred. I I hope you have enjoyed the episode and to share great new content with you in twenty twenty so stay healthy keep investing yourself and keep tuning in every Thursday Thursday to hear news stories and get new ideas on how to carve your career.

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