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With the new threat of the coronavirus now is part of that we also talked about common sense things that we can all do things like washing our hands frequently with soap and water and not touching your eyes nose and mouth and disinfecting services we may share with others and on that last point most of us probably think about what we're thinking about disinfecting services we think about using an alcohol based disinfectant but we've looked into that topic and we have a different recommendation to share with you along with our friend Suren widely shared widely is a serial entrepreneur and it I think it's safe to say she has a talent for recognizing emerging trends and a proven track record in gauging audiences to actually respond to those one good idea after another it is ideas you know I was attracted sure because we share a common belief that it's important to align our business and our personal values which I feel is really important such as nurturing human potential and promoting positivity and her and I share those values and I lovers silver products so join us on the phone now from her I think she's in New York or in our in Massachusetts find out I know she's on the east coast so we're gonna find out where she is and that is sure what he's doing is on the phone she is the founder and the C. E. O. of true forty seven high Sherrin hi Judy and ride it's great to be here great to have you back well a lot has happened since we last spoke I think when the last time we had a talk about this on the show are you were just offering seller cleans and that's ninety nine percent silver cross that protect us against things like bacteria and fungi and viruses but you've now expanded into offering other silver products so why what happened well what happened was I guess simply put I fell in love with silver I know we fall in love with people or not as fond of it called I fell in love with her hello I high moral less stumbled on it I had heard that silver was unknown anti microbial but it all came about which one I got what I thought was food poisoning which a hospital emergency room told me was first appendicitis which I knew it wasn't and when I was put on antibiotics very reluctantly because I knew they would make me feel terrible and not shift and all that all of that happened and then it was the sound how moment filter and died which led to a year of research and creating a company that had faith naturally support of products that help suppress kill protect against pesky germs bacteria fungus and virus so first of all you can about that you were offering the silver class I think they're ninety nine percent silver cross and I love them and it just tell our listeners a little bit about what they do and then we'll get into some of the other products that you're carrying okay well I had learned I it down no net server was a non actor Michael bill it actually goes back to four thousand BC and until the advent of the major pharmaceutical companies and antibiotics in the forties it was the known anti Michael the other day so this is not will will crunchy granola you know snake O. yeah this is scientifically silvers scientifically proven to kill bacteria fungus and virus and there's a great deal of scientific and published literature so one night yeah I had my aha moment and was resisting antibiotics I had researched and found a company that makes silver woven fabrics it's ninety nine point ninety nine percent silver and what is special about this fabric in fabric we use it is not nano technology you know I think in this day and age people here now and I think hello leading explains most modern whatever but nano technology can be coding of silver and particles and what we have is what's called I honestly believe silver which is the red stop parachutes sold my land is literally based in silver and played so it doesn't get much shorter than that so that led to creating products that were made with this magnificent twelve o'clock if you're just joining us on road walking her and I'm Judy Brooks in your listing to healing question we're speaking with Sharon white lady of true forty seven about a new way to disinfect the services in our life and and more than that as well so Sherin tells about the your new company true forty seven and some of the other products that you're offering well what true forty seven week we really wanted to make as many products as we could that featured this incredible pure woven fabric so we have our ten inch Clark's we had little five inch class guys like those a lot of the should cancel out the whole point in their pocket and disrupt their hands we have handle covers which I'm actually I have like the story behind that if I was I was in California and I was getting gas and they were giving up plastic gloves and I said why you know I didn't get that but so I put my gas kind of my car and a half an hour later on service snacking on my **** any pop popcorn with the same hand so that led to make this handle cover that goes around steering wheels shopping carts which they never washed by the way and so forth and then we made and now which is more well by finance Corp but it's great for counter top display for your yoga mats nobody's actually generate our own back Terry even though we don't know it's hard but it's just a more robust because it's great it's a wash cloth over it actually great for her for skin conditions that are sensitive and it's great for acne because it helps kills surface bacteria so we did a whole bunch of products which none of the further exploration of loving filled her became fascinated by colloidal silver it is made from liquid particles and it is silver and it is also good news going back to ancient times as well so it's a different formulation of silver that some people ingested do not use topically it said also known to be have to fend off bacteria in Germiston pesky bugs his well so we make topical product that has there's sprays Silver Spring that'll have effectual essential oils in the matter specifically formulated to mitigate against your support certain conditions but all have colloidal silver and then we made these great inhalers nasal inhalers how I'm just learning about factory it became very interested no factory delivery because it goes straight up and by the manager but they call me because this man by a minute your brain and we started out with one called immune boost analyst so successful people wanted more we just created a a full line of inhalers also with the colloidal silver so as you're inhaling to either thanks then stay awake sleep tight get focused whatever you're also getting ahead of the anti bacterial sober is well yeah I mean I was gonna ask you what are what are some of the benefits of the immune posts and you might think you just address that mom felt we've only got like a minute left and I've got to find out what is true forty seven hundred come up with that is forty seven has something to do with solar it does you know we wanted a name that would have a little cachet but but definitely have a story behind it silver is not a cleaner it is an anti microbial so when you think you look stellar clean silver claims anything about that didn't really fit the bill so one day and looking around AT forty seven is the scientific periodic table symbol for silver so the number became intriguing so we took the number and we married with true are you in front of it so it's a little bit provocative a little bit what is this but all of our products are made with true integrity and what high quality materials and formulas and so forth so we put the two together enough for two forty seven came from you know there's there's so much more I'd like to hear about this were actually out of time so thank you so much for joining us today and again congratulations on this new endeavor I'm sure it will be a success like all your others have been in working people find out more about this well we have a dedicated website accosted stat W..

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