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Carol Durant came to the police station was shown a lineup and was able to identify Bundy as the person to attack. Yeah he was arrested and charged with the kidnapping of pure raunch. WHO's a likable guy? And if he could be a killer who else might be. So people just didn't want to believe it I helped raise money to Bailey. matted jail everybody. Everybody in the ward felt he was innocent while he was on bail he came back correct. What was was that time like when I showed up at my door unannounced is taken aback? Started talking again. This is just ten. She was always kind of playing this. This dance around what her gut instinct was telling her and what the world around her was saying about the possibility of this perfect male person. Doing these terribly violent things. There was like a fleet of police cars undercover that would follow he and my mom if they and went anywhere and because of our placement in his world is the only reason that we're still alive. I'm quite certain because people had their eyes on it. Did that thought ever cross your mind. It is going to kill us. No did you think he was capable of murder. I mean I still believed leave. T. was innocent at that point during court proceedings in Utah. Bundy actually comes outside side and talks to the media. You want to get involved in the Criminal Justice League yes. I intend to complete my legal education and become a lawyer and Be a damn good lawyer. Testified in was the worst witness in the world he was an arrogant. You know. And that's the way he came across on the stand at the trial. Dhiraj picked out Bundy as her abductor. Thought he could lie about everything and get away with it. It's pretty hard to explain. Why you with an ice pick any PATIOS mask most of us? Don't have that in our.

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