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Eh? Once again. Show the radio adventures of Dr fluid brought to you by the Floyd dot com. We begin this episode and beautiful Anaheim, California on a very hot July seventeenth nineteen fifty five. It is moments before the famous televised opening of a new museum part to be christened. Disneyland and smack dab in the middle of main street, we see up portrait of the world's most brilliant, scientists as a young man. That's right. This dashing youth with dark wavy hair and a clean shaven phases. None other than Dr Floyd himself, holding a broom and dust bin. I'll mister Disney. What is it? My young, man. I eat the body before your grand opening and all, but I was wondering if you had the time to consider my proposal proposal, I've been tinkering with a new invention that will allow person to transport between the land of frontiers to the land of tomorrow me like time machine. No, it's called the skyway. People crammed in tiny buckets on thin cables as it dangles precariously over the heads of innocent. Visitors Freud your genius remind me to promote you from the horse poopie sleeper to the head of the new display tomorrow, really which one Topi space station x one better the aluminum hall of fame plow that sounds really lame. Just men a mysterious spacecraft with a bumper sticker that reads, I break for evil lands in the center of Tomorrowland Dolly missed it, isn't he that's a pretty advanced rag. You got there. Thanks, sometimes surprise my show on a scale of one to ten I'd give it an e. But little do they know that inside the cr-. Craft was none other than the villainous doctor Steve NS sock. Shaked assistant figured who've come to us from the present. Nice ending. Fidget now. No time to lose. We must set forth on my diabolical blocked. Oh, I didn't tell you. I'm sorry. Yes. Sometimes I get a hit myself. The plot is fairly simple to steal Walt. Disney's mustache what else? For your information, smarty pants. I'm not going to sell it on EBay. I've decided to keep it for myself while Disney happens to be a hero of mine, and he won who created a monotonous kiddie ride in which the song. It's a small world plays on a continuous loop. Must be a maniacal genius who look outside. It's Ronald Reagan. I wanna thank you for co hosting the TV of today. Ronnie, we glad to help their won't have jelly bean. And what do you think of tomorrow, everything you see here is what life look like in the distant future of the nineteen eighty well as my film career continues on this downward trend, I'm afraid the eighties will have nothing in store for me. That's quite a monkey on your back. Ronnie new. That's just my reason Costa who's a bit codependent Bonzo. And me that electric razor. Fidget looks like I picked a good data shave lip as you know, today will go down in history as black Sunday a day, which everything goes awry for Disneyland's grand opening mister Disney will be so distracted. He won't have time to notice that he'll be completely bare between his nasal labial folds watch over the ships. They all be back before you can say there's a great big beautiful tomorrow. But Dr Steve was too late by the time he stepped outside Walt Disney had gone looks like I missed him. And as Dr Steve surveys the area he comes face to face with the younger incarnation of Dr Foy, the very man who will become his future nemesis who'll display for tomorrow land. Daddy, oh city voice that small hit. Why why you Dr Floyd aren't me? But I'm not a doctor yet. How did you know about my future aspirations? I didn't know you were an employee at Disneyland. Nineteen fifty five usu-. Should know better. We're called cast members and you'll have to remove that facial hair of yours. You know, Disney rules. Yes. Yes. He does. But it might have understood you correctly. Do you dare to insult my glorious Van Dyke? It took me years to grow it this way before this. I had been Levy, no facial hair pal. Take it for me. I've tried to get away with beards, go teas and even a chinstrap, and I've only been working here since six AM. So I guess sporting mutton chops with a sold patches out of the question. You bet just ask the person who runs the teacups, and what a pretty little thing. She is to cast a lifeless conversation is I must take leave of you move diabolical positive redness witted mister Disney go last I saw he was the ice cream. Parlor don't ask why? But he's got a morbid fascination for the frozen Steve heads for fantasy land in search of Disney's mustache another mysterious spacecraft lands beside Dr Steve's with a bumper sticker that reads, I break for super sake sugar flakes. The door opens and out walks, Dr Floyd's young protege Dr grant directly from the present. Dr Floyd, look, how young you are dug Nabet there's that Dr reference again that career counselor of mine is a big blabbermouth all this will make sense in a moment. But in the meantime, may I introduce you to our faithful robot companionship's. Well, what do you know last time? I saw face like that was in Vegas. He had one army eight my last fifty bucks and last, but not least may I present to you you in the future, the world's most brilliant. Scientists. A light gray hair. I'm going to have dark wavy here used to have I'm showing. Floyd. Look Dr Steve is chasing, Walt Disney with mustache clippers Greg. Dr grant, we gotta stop Dr Steve before he exposes well Disney's pilgrim for a head no doubt that he had one excuse me. A federal Dr grant that little groove. We all have between the notion upper lip, but you don't have one doctor Floyd. That's because wearing a white bushy moustache. What's the matter? Dr floyd. Shamed. Of your filtering say who's this joker? I decided to hang out with in the future. He's supposed to be young Deji Sopa. He's learned Diddley. Now. This were a typical Disney story. I tell you next that Dr Steve had somehow made his way on top of sleeping beauty's castle. And was about to battle it out with the handsome prince in this case, Dr Floyd while inside awaits a damsel in distress in this case, ravishing, Walt Disney and pink chiffon, the higher up the castle the better for you. See all Disney villains fall to their imminent, demise. But alas no this is Dr Floyd adventure. Comeback zooming past are two Floyds. They're young protege Dr grant and their faithful robot companion chips is Dr Steve with a freshly shaved off mustache and his hand. I've got it. Good wolf. Disney's mustache quick fidget fire up. The engines he's getting away Dr Floyd's, let's get him before we close the book and say happily ever after our heroes realized that they couldn't move. Asphalt. They were standing on head stuck to their feet. Allowing are desperately do to make clean get away. That's why it's Walt Disney, and you still have your mustache. I made an animatronic decoy of myself. Oh, what a relief. We're glad to have you in one piece. Why thank you, can you. Imagine my face without a mustache. No. But I can't imagine ears over other. It's nineteen fifty five, and I don't really get the reference, but even I know that jokes stinker, by the way, who's that villains? It'll side kick it was kind of cute. I would have hired him from annex picture that was figured he sucked shapes. And he talks like this. Relieve forget it. I don't need another character with high pitched unintelligible. Well, fellas now that I've saved face as it were what do you plan to do? Next me. I'm going to Disneyland. Hey, wait a minute dirt grant. Thank you. Anyway, mister Disney, but we must leave to Moreland and head back to tomorrow land Jones dome. Okay goodbye. And with dasm. There is the elder Dr Floyd grant and their faithful Rohbock banyan chips full themselves out of the sticky asphalt and fly back into the time and space dream wellness Disney. I must say you did yourself that was the best exhibited the future I've seen. Although I seriously doubt I'll ever look shriveled as all that. Nice try though, but still you've inspired me to do. Great things in my life. Have you decided to invent a time machine? Oh, no. I just can't wait for that aluminum hall of fame. You know that once you wrap up your leftovers, you can shape it like a swan as I've always said anything's possible. If you believe Mr. Disney that sound could it be in the air above our head. Yes. It is her bell. No. That's Bob in the kitchen. Breakfast is ready and as young Floyd and Walt Disney saunter offer breakfast. We shall take our leave. What will young Floyd mister Disney half for them morning numbs? Will they get a cast member? This outdoor have to pay the outrageous amusement park prices for food. And if Walt Disney can have a moustache, why is it that his employees's Cass? Memphis Canty who has the most gets to make the rules. Find out next time on the radio adventures of Dr.

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