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Walt Whitman Bridge, Commodore Barry Bridge, New Jersey discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Of South Jersey teacher screaming at some kids what about the legality of what she had to say to them we'll take a look after we check traffic and weather on sponsored by true green here Steve Rees yeah we've got what's is still very very slow situation on ninety five but the ninety five southbound closure Bridge Street is gone still heavy there but ninety five north bound this is a construction crew of some kind blocking the left lane the delay start to broaden goes almost to the Walt Whitman bridge it also looks like on ninety five north bound before the Commodore Barry bridge maybe something going on off the shoulder that slowing everybody down the Commodore Barry bridge itself is an absolute crawl eastbound into New Jersey I was gonna follow this construction behind it once you get on if you are in a hurry I would not get on the Commodore Barry bridge eastbound right now into New Jersey article disco expressway in the vine everything looks good not seeing any serious problems Chester County I had a lot of trees and wires down because of our earlier wins that came through a one thirteen is still closed at Northwood that's in the area just below Doylestown high school east that's really the biggest road right now but many residential roads also we see at right off of two oh two near valley road in Swedes borough there something's going on there as well so if you must be driving in Chester County do be careful expect a lot of detours major New Jersey roads they really look okay right now I'm not seeing any serious problems and that some of these are problems with the trees and embraces the things coming down started to creep into the lower Merion area also.

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