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The Jason Van Dyke murder trial Van Dyke attorney are once again asking for a change in venue inside of the courthouse. Judge Vincent Ghani's leading the questioning of potential jurors but outside. Says the most demonstrations can be heard from the fifth floor of the courthouse, but not inside of the courtroom, many of the potential jurors were asked if they notice the protesters on the way in the attorney for Jason Van Dyke filing an amended motion for a change in venue and asking the jury panel be struck because of the protests. Organizers say they plan to have a presence every day of the trial. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Chicago CBS says Len les Moonves has stepped down as chief executive the move comes after the New Yorker published sexual misconduct. Accusations by six more women raising the total number of alleged victims to twelve the network says negotiations over moon vis departure were underway before the new allegations came to light. As part of the settlement move is still gets an office and security for up to two years. CBS says he and the company will donate twenty million to organizations that support the metoo movement hanging in the balance a one hundred twenty million dollars severance package. Pending the outcome of an internal investigation. That's ABC's Eva pilgrim now, let's get a check on traffic. Here's Bradley Jay in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, LA a few problems to watch out for a wreck involving a pedestrian northern east at thirty Fifth Avenue. Also check in with a crash on baseline in hardy drive what other rackets on bell road and the loop one over on the west side. Traffic's brought to you by the Crohn's and colitis foundation. The Crohn's and colitis foundation invites you to take steps for cures. Walk you've near you. Get started at CC take steps dot org. I've rather Jay KTAR news..

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