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News on demand to newsradio kale B. J. dot com you know folks the arbors Texas have gotten together and they have reviewed the situation with quilt in central Texas and they've come to an agreement that the safest time the least risky time to manage pruning your oak trees is from July first through January thirty first because there is a little beetle that can spread the Oakwell and it is least active at this period of time well we're coming up on that date it's about sixty days away and if you need someone to prune your oak tree because it's too much work for you or you're not comfortable climbing into that tree I have somebody I need you to call his name's boe masters now he's I say certified arborist anywhere sure out Austin in the hill country area now pose a recommended arborist with just about every city in neighborhood association and he's been a recommended our wrists even with the lady bird Johnson wildflower center now if you have euro tree and you're concerned about it and you have this beautiful investment on your property you want to take care of it properly but you want to minimize that risk now beau can take care of quote he's got expertise Senate he's educated in it he knows how to take care of that quote but you might not be the only person who's got an oak tree and it may be hard to get a hold of them in time to be able to stay in that safety window uprooting Europe's so if you have that okay if you are concerned and you want to make sure that it is happy healthy has their beauty you're looking for and protected from the quote risk pick up the phone and give Bo call it's that time of the year to take care of this call Bo is numbers five one two nine two three two eight one eight that's five one two nine two three two eight one eight.

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