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Let's say the kids have forty five minute periods. Eight forty five minutes periods day. Whatever was that originally was like zoom is going to be forty five minutes long. Because it's like you just came into class and that it immediately became clear. I have a fifth grader. Like a fifth grader is not going to sit still for you. Forget that so much of that is coming in. Oh they're rough housing. Okay break them up. Now get them in their chairs. That really there's only like twenty or twenty-five of actual learning going on that right. And i thought it was a really interesting opportunity to kind of think about that a little bit in terms of like how much classroom time is actually learning time. And how much do they need this time to come in and kind of tussle around and see each other's faces and goof around or something falls and then everyone's laughing about that but that again. That's not time that our mind is wasting time. That our my needs to extent absolutely yes. That's really good. Twenty minutes max yet. You know another thing. I think some of us. I'd certainly did learn from the pandemic is how rate is feels to be outside. A lot of us had your freedom to be outside might hit. Schools held a lot of their classes outside when the weather is okay and you know that's something i really don't wanna live as we go back to quote unquote normal life. You know that being outside is really restored as in ways that you just can't get inside. I love that it's so my kids are in scouts. And there's an expression scouting is ninety percent outing. When i was leading a boy scout in they were like when in doubt be outside. I don't care if it's twelve degrees outside. When in doubt be outside outside is half the battle. And i think that's such a good takeaway from this book as well. We could talk about this book for four hours. Because there's so much interesting stuff in it. Please read the extended. Mind by anti murphy paul and tell us what else you're working on where we can find you where we can get the book. I'm sure it's wherever books are sold at this point. Tell us anyway. Yeah so. I spent an awful lot of time on twitter. My handle as any murphy. Paul and not people can always find you there website. Www dot com excellent and we will link to all of those things. My friend any murphy. Paul thank you so much for coming on. What fresh talking to me. This was so much. Thank you this was fun. Great to talk to you..

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