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Definitely believe in the despu england and the training side of things hundred percent because just even the protocols concussion procedures and i aid trading and kind of everything is safe. Gone is a big thing might shoot. Job involves a lot of a lot of safeguarding. I've been heavily involved in in my my shoe. Profession for quite a long time in so many different ways and a lot of the safeguarding. That's good intention. It needs to have actual expert. Not just somebody who's had. I've completed today's training from the end and crop. Trust co. what is your process. What is your policy. What are you going to do this. And also if this this is a big thing and safeguarding if it goes above your level who and what you're going to do next point that's it if it's place you need to. You need to understand what the thing is if it is. I dunno if it's a domestic violence issue susie land trust. If it's this you need to go to that it's You know a child protection issue. Who do you go to you later. Your local authorities. It's is such a minefield and you need to have in house people who not just in house above that and then above and above and above that you need to have so many different tiers of people understand that. That's why in a school setting or college further education setting you've not just got a safeguarding person you an entire team of designated safeguarding offices. Dsl d so the answer may be because west case in our if you know Safeguarding officer has an allegation. Or it's a conflict of conflict of interest. That's a big issue as well because you know what if it's i don't know. A trainer is accused of something and he's the current over promotion and the to safeguarding officer. Officers are trainer and a conflict of interest. Why if there's a whole of what if so you need to have people in place all throughout the scene. Know exactly what they're doing because one of the big problems with wrestling is kind of. It's just flown on the radar and it's being murky so again like the ap g. thing a coupon ap thing like i'm dismissing it like the pg findings and publishing's. It does need to have that how that how has to be a very very well. Thought out and castle thorough process. That's not going to be done over. And i think a lot fans when they they they you safeguarding. Is this magical buzzword. There needs to be that understanding between fans performers trainers. Everybody in and around of exactly what safeguarding is an requires and wise possible. And what isn't because again this. How is a huge thing. That's going to take many many years to get right and it can't be shoehorned in a very true and also had one safeguarding on a promotion. That is a family friendly promotion. Who have children at attendants vulnerable people in attendance People with disabilities etc versus say i over eighteenth promotion the safeguarding mussa completely different. Like an adult promotion want necessarily have site garden position Policies in place to protect children don't necessarily need them. Because they're very teams or sixteen or whatever is context as well.

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