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There was a phenomenal year we had sixty young democrats elected to local offices across the state last year in these are in some of our urban areas for example at columbus at cleveland in cincinnati but then also in some of our more rural areas and in wilmington for example three young democrats were elected so wilmington city council they ran as a sleep that the first time ever that's happened somewhere like that we elected democrats to things lake city attorney city auditor we elected in columbus is the first woman and the first lgbt executive elected in columbus and she's under the age of thirty five so we just had these wonderfully talented intelligent young people decide at the 2017 was the year that you know they wanted to step up and be heard we we elected a nineteen year old to your europe's bill city council uh i could go on and on and on the we had a number of women who ran and were successful um and and a number of people of color as well as and a number of lgbt folks so in toledo we elected a young democrat lgbt city councilman he's the only going to be the only young democrat on the toledo city council and in newark ohio which i don't know if you guys know much about newark but it's in a pretty rural conservative part of the state they now have to lbgt young democrat members on their city council so it was this are really really good year for us and gave us an opportunity to uh to really talk about what the next generation of leadership looks like in ohio and that's one that you know cares about our communities that also you know is really focused on making things better for people and so the more democrats that we have in office the more good work they can do the more voters can see that you know democrats are are the folks that are really working day in and day out for them and and hopefully that will help us in the future it son sake you're seeing something that we've been hearing a lot which is that there are actually a lot of.

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