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Did Kermit want to go on the sex petition in the first place? No criminal did not want to go on this expedition. He had just become engaged. He'd also just had an accident falling off a forty foot bridge and could have been killed and he had broken teeth and was seriously ill so to get letters from smother. Edith writing him saying, I know you just had an accident. You're just recently engaged, but you have to go on this trip to save your father's life. He's in a heroic mood, and it may be reckless. And he's got these underlying medical conditions. And you know, how he is. He's he wants to be one of the great explorers. And he's willing to die on this path to find this river. One of the fascinating things that you run into is Currence that you don't really expect. You have rivers feeding in from directions. You don't expect them to be feeding in from? And all of a sudden the bottom of your canoes getting buffeted by a counter current. That's going to topple you over on March fifteenth just over two weeks into the journey criminals. Canoe was sucked into a whirlpool and flipped a camaraderie name. Simplisafe disappeared in the raging. Current Kermit was also swept down the Rapids, so tears running ahead to find where the Rapids are. And he thinks his son is dead, but they pull criminal out of the water. His helmet is covering his face. But they're able to resuscitate him and he is alive, but some police ios body was never found TR realizes. That he's put his his son in harm's way in that. He doesn't really care very much if he gets out because he's so discouraged about his life and down, but to take his son into the wilderness and to have him loses will life because of bad planning. And unexpected danger is is is a really sobering. They lost kermit's canoe and the food had carried to other canoes had been destroyed after rising water broke them from their moorings. So they had to carve new dugouts and Portage them again. And again, more exhaustion more delays. They were hungry, and the insects were relentless our hands and faces was swollen from the bites and stings insect pests. Mosquitos horse flows. Fees giant ants. Termites invaded TR's tent. The eight holes in his helmet and even devoured his underwear. Theodore Roosevelt was pretty stoic guy. But the one thing he did complain about in his book was the insects about you. Yes. The insects on. I was getting bit about one hundred times a day. So I was I was just absolutely getting mauled, and they made so much noise and all of these time periods, I was typically hiding in my tent or I was covered head to toe and just part of my face exposed on the river. So even with all of that precaution. Plus using insect repellent. I was still getting bit one hundred hundred times a day. The day after kermit's accident Colonel Ron dome was walking through thick vegetation. And heard.

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