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Is this mid cinema's moment? West Virginia's Joe Manchin and Arizona's kyrsten sinema have worked with Republicans to craft a massive bipartisan infrastructure deal and to save the filibuster and now quote Republicans acknowledge that because Manchin and cinema preserve the filibuster, they need to at least listen to Democrats who are desperate for an agreement to reduce gun violence. Politicos Burgess evert and Marianne Levine report that quote, Republicans acknowledge that because Manchin and cinema preserve the filibuster, they need to at least listen to Democrats who are desperate for an agreement to reduce gun violence. Per the hill pool, when Manchin was asked if he can get ten GOP votes, this is what he had to say. I don't know why you wouldn't have 70 or 80. My goodness. This is about basically protecting children if they can't rise to that. The Alta deep dig inside and find out why in the heck we're here. In the GOP conference, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell told CNN that he quote encouraged Senate minority whip John cornyn to begin bipartisan gun talks with senator cinema and Chris Murphy, corn and falmouth marks a major difference between him and Texas's other senator Ted Cruz, as the Texas tribune's Abbey Livingston observes that while cornyn is quote quietly but openly leading the party to work with some Democrats to pass bipartisan legislation, Cruz has ruled out policies to restrict guns, and quote Dennis string of other interviews that have inflamed the left and encouraged the right chastising Democrats and the media. If cornyn and his democratic counterparts can broker a deal, it will need to get at least 60 votes to break a filibuster, meaning Democrats will need to find ten Republicans on board. Politics Natalie Allison writes in today's playbook that you'll be candidates in swing states have been trying to display their proficiency with guns and expressing their full throated commitment to the Second Amendment. Will that change in the wake of this week's tragedy? It's not looking likely, quote, there's little incentive for Republicans to change course now. National strategists say, particularly in swing states where gun ownership remains high and the GOP is riding a wave of momentum. Even Democrats in the most competitive Senate races this cycle incumbent in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire have shied away from articulating specific policy demands instead offering vague suggestions that something should be done to protect children. In the days since the shooting, president Joe Biden has largely stayed above the fray, discussing the tragedy only in prepared remarks and stopping short of pushing for any specific policies in response. That's frustrating advocates who want to see the administration take action. One gun safety advocate told Politico's Christopher catalog and Laura baron Lopez that, quote, he can't just be the eulogize her in chief. White House aides and some close allies see the current posture won't likely change soon, publicly injecting himself into delicate gun control negotiations in the Senate could backfire since field cross Washington expects such talks to seriously advance they argue. So could taking matters into his own hands by immediately issuing executive orders to crack down on firearms, which risks sending Republican lawmakers, otherwise opened and negotiating back to their respective corners, people close to the talks relate to Politico. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House and 9 a.m. eastern, president Joe Biden will depart The White House to head to Forrest Sherman field in Annapolis, Maryland there will address the U.S. naval academy's class of 2022 graduation and commissioning ceremony. At one 55 Biden will depart Annapolis to head to Newcastle Delaware where scheduled to arrive at two 30. The House and the Senate are out today. All right, for more news, what's.

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