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To get back into the good graces of its customers after a huge data breach ap's my grassy report is come to an agreement with several states to boost security on the heels of a data breach that impacted nearly one hundred forty eight million americans equifax inc has reached agreement with states to put stronger security measures in place the data breach in two thousand seventeen was the single largest exposure of personal information ever state regulators say the consent order addresses deficiencies that persisted even after equifax took steps to correct the problems that led to the breach the states involved in the agreement are california texas new york north carolina massachusetts georgia alabama and maine i'm mike rossier new satellite data shows columbia saw dramatic increase in forest degradation last year and levels in brazil remain historically high researchers at the university of maryland found tropical forests around the globe lost fifteen point eight million hectares of tree cover in two thousand seventeen that's an area about the size of bangladesh losses in brazil home to most of the amazon rainforest made up nearly thirty percent of the total more than losses in any other single country the data released wednesday measure tree cover loss or the death of a trees leaves the data might give a more pessimistic picture than other deforestation figures since they don't take into account whether the loss is permanent while colombia's losses were a much smaller proportion of the total the south american country experienced a worrying jump tree cover loss rose forty six percent in two thousand seventeen from the previous year and the number of hectares lost was more than double the average loss from two thousand one through twenty fifteen the world resources institute linked the increase to the colombian government's peace deal with farc rebels who had severely limited commercial use of large forested areas they controlled for decades with the rebels no longer in control land speculators and people who are clearing land for farming mining and logging have rushed in the data also looked at the african nation of congo where tree cover loss reached a record high last year and the caribbean where hurricanes caused significant losses the data had some good news from indonesia where tree cover loss in primary forests dropped sixty percent last year toys r us is closing the last of its us stores it's the end of a chain known to generations of children and parents for sprawling stores brightly colored logo and giraffe mascot the company which filed for chapter eleven reorganization last fall had hoped to stay open despite being hobbled by five billion dollars in debt after a leveraged buyout left it unable to invest and.

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