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Our technical director Thomas, Keegan Kyle pallor producer and Scott fleet are statistician who reports in on the individual scoring for buffalo. Buchan making ten saves Vince making ten saves as well as to to gay men started things off the first quarter one forty four is commitee's seven twentieth. Thomas Hogarth beauty in-flight chase stranger eight. Oh seven. Kevin Kelly comes back wide open. As one of the adjustments. The Buffalo's defense has got to make order to close the door on those offensive players like Kevin Crowley and just recently, Kyle Matisse and also very quickly. Careers. Well, face to face with men, Vince. So Crowley scores at ten fifteen in the first quarter from Thiessen Liam patent score is tied at two shots on goal. Even at twelve. And currently we start the second quarter of Blake Philadelphia man advantage legal substitution for buffalo which one fourteen remains on that. Bandits leaving cut it up tomorrow morning dark curly in route for buffalo. They will play the Georgia swarm tomorrow night a key Bank center. Faceoff time at seven thirty love to have you down there. It's a celebration of native American idol. And also before the game. The bandits will issue out there. Native American scholarship check. We'll have more tomorrow night free game. Albar coverage shed out on the surface. Well, the issuance of the bandits native American scholarship check. And the winner of sauce underway for the second quarter of play tonight here from the Wells Fargo center the wings winning the draw. Buffalo will be moving left to right. Here in the second free. On another penalty coming up against the bandits as the Russia's in on. Bad Vince ways Raritan was responsible for that shot. But another penalty is coming up against the bandits. Now, we look at the clock. Fifty two seconds left on the illegal substitution. And now we get another call. Crosscheck? Ambient legal crosscheck will go to Nick we so buffalo be to wind down. Fifty two seconds left on the too many men on the field. Call and now across check onto Nick we said Philadelphia good ball movement from the top the slightest Crowley over the shoulder feet in front score. Philadelphia. Hard to stop that tic TAC toe for Philadelphia with a two-man advantage and the Whigs take a three two lead on their eleventh shot on goal. Just excellent ball movement by Philadelphia had an over the shoulder fee to it again and open Philadelphia player in front of the buffalo NAN in its former bandit blaze Raritan scoring his seventeenth gold of the season. This kid is having a good year with Philadelphia. And he has scored a goal or more every game for the Philadelphia wings. Glove advantage. Barring a power play goal. Again. The eleventh overall the league for power play efficiency. But but the two man advantage just hard to stop them a tic TAC toe the excellent passing by Philadelphia, which they're doing it right now just down. Buffalo's down a man for a minute twenty four the illegal crosscheck, call onto Nick weeks shot on by Philadelphia's for Matt Vince in buffalo pushes the ball, backout shorthanded. Bringing it out as chased Frazier's if they can't get a short handed Talbot here as it's controlled now by Shaun Evans from grace area backs out in front shot goes on shoulders said by bucket Evans gets his own rebound. Now, he's double team down to the near corner. Trying to get himself free breaks free of the rest of run takes another shot on goal in bucket comes up with the save. What a play by Sean Evans. And believe he drew a penalty on that one as well. We'll see. The best that they could do is just tackle the feisty forward, Shaun Evans and indeed soa penalty coming up against the Philadelphia wings. Fifty seconds left. Called against the delta. So the power play for buffalo will be coming up. Now, it'll be four on four lacrosse here. In the second quarter of play where Philadelphia has a three two lead. Follow with the ball, Dane Smith from the slot area goes to the right wing pass. Again, it goes Eric and it's picked up by Philadelphia. Here's a blast for Philadelphia. Three on one setup. Taking your son. Ways reared in the goal scorer. So that's two tonight for the former buffalo bandits, and they just had a five break and against sloppy play making for the bandits. The ball is intercepted right at their own restraining line. And. Ways ridden. Comes up with the ball and storms into the buffalo zone and scores to give Philadelphia a to Goldie four to two with thirteen o six remaining in the second quarter of play shots on goal. Fourteen. Thirteen favoring the wings. Twenty five seconds left in the call. An abbreviated power play coming up for Buffalo Wild that. Got the ball down to the Philadelphia zone waiting for the formal change while everybody gets into. The free areas space where they can get the front door the back door opened up everybody in and out and John Evans does is such takes a hard shot. Bucket. Coming up with a nice save rebound picked up by Philadelphia. And now the bits on an abbreviated power play for the next minute and three seconds. What can they do here? Let's see. And the ball should have been picked off by buffalo possession. Yes. Bandits? However, Sean Evans did not get the ball back. But they'll tune it up again outside the restraining line of Philadelphia power-play into a Beck. Four buffalo. Dane Smith is the quarterback over the shoulder feet to Sean Evans, whose to our nearside living it back to the topless lot. Smith with a shot and Buchan coming up to save Smith getting the ball, save you over and back charge. Nope. Guess not. Scrawled against buffalo. So it's good Adelphia's. Ball Buffalo's power play fifty one percent thirty two for sixty three. They went four for nine a couple of weeks ago against Rochester penalty kill for Philadelphia. Fifty nine percent at the best penalty kill of home at eighty three percent. The bandits at twenty six and try to get something together. But Philadelphia's great considering the ball control, which meant Rambos takes a shot. Up with a safer buffalo, and there's a shutout. Star youngster just including scoring for Philadelphia to get the waves a five to leave. A short handed goal for Philadelphia. And now the wings take a three goal lead in this game. Just sloppy play. That's all it is folks sloppy play by buffalo and point the finger of the bye week thirteen days off hate to do it. You got to stay sharp. And the bandits are not playing sharp is they happen over the course of time sloppy play making sloppy passing letting players like Philadelphia in front of the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia is taking advantage of an eight. Not say anything Philadelphia's been opportu weeks two weeks. They've been on. They've got the five to lead over buffalo. Bandits could settle down here. Now team back to five on five lacrosse with a minute. Fifty or check that eleven minutes and fifteen seconds left to play here in the second quarter Philadelphia leading at five to to Jordan hall with the fall getting in close man, Vince, taking a shot over the crossbar picked up by buffalo cleared up by steep preloaded kept up to Matt Gilroy, the rookie defender. For the bandits, double teamed on the play, however at midfield governs has to come in to help and sweep the ball right to the restraining line where it's picked up my Kilroy with a shot hang on behind the. Ball action. And I guess we're going to have another penalty coming. Sloppy changed for buffalo. Again, could be illegal change. Let's hear from the officials. Bench. Minor cushion. The second tonight. It is sloppy lazy play. The in house server tonight about is he and McKay, so he'll go sit and stew for to just a lack of physical play for buffalo. Illegal substitution got the five to lead back with a bad advantage. We're back to the topless. Lot quarterback by Kyle motifs. She's got the ball now taking the shot. Splitting say by mad Vince rebound Ladele few rear getting back over to Matisse from the far side is crawling. Now, they'll start to flip around his hall boobs. Back and close Matisse tried to get a shot away from just off the shoulder. Matt Vincent ball. Trickles. All the way down to the Philadelphia zone. All is quick to retrieve it after setting it up. On a goaltender bucket. Five to Philadelphia here in the second quarter of play played five minutes of this game Philadelphia knocking on the door. Again is a shot goes off the shoulder events replays ridden in of all picked up by steep Ryota who rushes down the left wing lane and over the restraining line of Philadelphia big defender, Prieto hanging onto the ball affording. Buffalo to get a clean change here on the penalty. Kill it across the line. Now is Dade Smith Smith taking a shot on fucking with the save the rebound stretching forward is. I it from the far corner. Beast double on the play backing him up. Steep. Brielle who's got the ball, and he'll traipse all the way back out to midfield mistrust the over in back line. You'll go over to the bench and back out as a forward. Now. Led by Corey small shot. Evans has the ball for buffalo to the nearside down to the Philadelphia zone. Taking time off that penalty. On buffalo with twenty seconds remaining spent trying to get a hot stick shot from Evans. Can't do a rebound is picked up by Thurston of no time left on the shot clock. The ball was cleared back out at mid nine minutes and one second left to play here quarter number two..

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