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Will sit you down and feel no remorse whatsoever because the guy who put him in power is the former coach who is now the acting 80 Mason mats and makes the free throw to complete the three point play and Cincinnati's leaders up to nine with 3.5 minutes to go. The Bear cat stay in the full court press battle manages to get it into the bond. Dre Perry. He'll hand it backward for Jeremiah Williams will dribble the ball up the floor. Second team All city in Chicago a year ago. Now dribbles to the left elbow into the lane. Almost got tied up by Julius feeds it out to bury, who switches a three point shot. He's come out of nowhere to score 13 quick points in the second half. It looks like an insurance salesman. I mean, he is small and tiny. That ball goes up with efficiency. 61 55 Cincinnati to 57 laps to Julius complicated the right point. Now they feed it down low for boat into the corner from Mike Adams. Woods. 10 left to shoot 2 48 left in the game. Mason Madsen has it outside the art looking for an open teammate. Now, Davenport down low for vote gets up a lefty hooked and stores. I mean, there was pushing, it goes, takes a time out. On that deep entry pass. They were looking around, and nobody was going to take that shot. They were looking for Chris Boat to his credit. He was wide. He was working wherever the ball was. He was shoulder. Square to the past. 63 55, Cincinnati, two minutes and 39 seconds to go John Grant and called the Time out Bear Cats have one left. Temple has two left. If we have a tie up possession arrow favor Cincinnati with America. It's on top by eight and they're in the bonuses. Well, so This team that's in there right now. They all know their role. You've got a bunch of spot up shooters. But now Zac Harvey's in Zach is your God that will break the zone down. Even if it's a man, the man he will attack. Yes, he will shoot that rainbow floating, but he will attack the basket, and Chris can get several dunks with this lineup because they'll be focusing on the driving conditions. That Barry is hot. He's made his last three threes for temple and scored 13 of their last 15 points. Gotta think will be looking to get him a three if they can. Williams dribbled the ball up the floor. Zack Harvey is defending Brendan Barry. Down to 32 Go. Cincinnati up by eight. Here's a cross court pass caught by Terry Not berry and have Andre Perry hits a three from the corner. Oh, you're starting to see strategy. This is where coaches earned their money because a play out of time out. And it works to perfection. Then he calls another time out on his side. Now typical the time out and let's see what Brandon goes now. It's like a chess match, man. Cincinnati's leaders five. Two minutes and 24 seconds left. Zack Harvey, Mike Adams. Woods is great defense. They've been playing all game long. Neither has recorded a foul. Today. Adams Woods with 12 points, looking more like that in the woods of last year, when you saw him create played great defense and be silent with the bowl. Apple five for 11 from outside the arc here in the second half, just under 50%. No Keith Williams if he can close this game out As he looked at keep Williams Coast Brandon and gave the one finger as if You know, I'm gonna get you back in in the second. But if he closes this game out without Keith, it's a message that he's sending. You cannot have this type of attitude going into a game to hurt your team. Temple goes for a full court press. Mike Adams, who can run the baseline, he passes information. Madison double teamed in the backcourt. Madsen dribbling passes it for the Julius Guns and head cut by Adams would three onto brake temple races to catch up on now Cincinnati will work clock. With 2 11 to go. 17 left to shoot Cincinnati up by five. Julius has it near the top of the key, taller Dev. Andre Perry defends Julius goes by him on the dribble, Missed the finger roll but got Drew a foul. He'll go to the line to shoot two is Dave Andre Perry picked up his second foul. You'd like to see more of that where you see the screen coming, the defender peaks over to see the screen. And you quit left the right cross over used that body to shield them and put it up off the glass. Julius has two foul shots coming. He's only scored four points.

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