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Of firing a veteran officer francisco peraza vote by the board was eight nothing perez was let go for an off duty incident that took place in twenty eleven when he fired sixteen times at the wrong car outside of mexican restaurant in the east ukrainian village the board said perez an officer since nineteen ninety nine was that fault for failing to identify the appropriate target and for about taking reasonable precautions before firing has gotten the driver of the car was wounded reyes could appeal the ruling well bar tier w g and it was sort or charges have been filed against fifteen year old chest in a reaves the gary indiana teenager was the subject of and a number of earlier this week with police say she was an extreme danger with county indiana prosecutor bernard carter me so and then try to where they and we started where spare what bill or reads is now being held the northwest indiana's juvenile lock up charged with first degree murder in the stepping death of her mother thirty four year old jamie cornet early monday morning the question of whether or not state workers in illinois should be paid went for judge yesterday in st clear county a motion filed by attorney generally some that again she wanted to block their checks from going out since the stay doesn't have a budget that out case money for them the judge said he didn't want to create a game of chicken between the governor in democrats who control the house atkins off a says the whole appeal democrats holding another all nighter in the senate over one of president trump's kept that picks us senator timmy ductwork of illinois debated against head of the p a nominee scott pruitt man who says that he doesn't know whether or not climate change truly is scientific that should not be them manning who is going to head that agency enforce would dealing with the effects of global warming drew with the attorney general of oklahoma has in the past questioned the science behind human cost global won't make southern california is bracing for one of the strongest towards the hit that area of the state years in some areas prone to mudslides like those of burned in wild fires last summer a back your way should order is there are ready and slicing each day downs prone to flooding sam.

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