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And so, yeah, I it, it just the whole thing doesn't wash and it's never been explained and and I'm not saying he's got to reveal everything. I just, I just think it's it's it stays out there. It's going to stay there. It's one of the great unsolved mysteries, like I said, like Stonehenge and and lost city of Atlantis and all those things. I mean, we just. We don't know. It doesn't add up and it does not appear to have been in the spirit of doing their best to win the game. And in terms of the great unknown there, that's a void that usually does get filled with rumor innuendo conjecture. What's the best guests that you have is to why that did in fact happen months later, Dan? Well, it's amazing. I mean, you talked to people that work for the the networks and you know, people make runs in Patricia make runs at Butler. I mean, you know the the visiting the defensive backfield the patriots, and no one's really getting anywhere, and, hey, this. I mean, like like I said, everything's been been put forth as theory. You know, you beat up Steve Bella check or he was we'd or concert or curfew, or you know, tamper with the elections in two thousand sixteen, they've tried everything to pin on this guy and nothing has really stuck to this point. So the totality is we don't know, but the man played ninety eight percent of the snaps during the regular season and then is benched for. The entire Super Bowl, except you know, one special teams play, and then Dan shawny, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe back here in the rich Eisen show. You were part of the media crew as well that was trying to crack a Bella check on answering what Jenny Renta's revealed in her. Her m QB profile of Jimmy Garoppolo that Bella check texted.

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