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It total in a clerk in which is going on yeah it was someone a lot of people don't know has not been home to Perth Australia since before her freshman year it's been almost two years you know and she decided after freshman year that she really wanted to stay and get better you know change your body gets stronger lean out you know improve our skill set all of those things and and the success that she's had this year is a direct result of just pure hard work so she's been awesome for us Meyer hauling should have another asking for your date he is really coming up into the numbers box score she seems like she's got a life line yeah my had nineteen points at seventeen at halftime and we just couldn't get enough touches I guess in the second half but but my as a kid that ever since she walked into the boulders a freshman people come in the gym and say who's that kid right you know because she's long and leaf and you know it talented and she's finally starting to understand the type of work ethic in and sort of discipline and stuff that it takes on to really be successful you know not just every other night but like consistently and she's going to be really great for the rest of the year she she's one of those you are just so you looks good get off the bus ride from which she does yeah but now she's looking good on the doors so that's that's you know that's the goal what we're just talking tale about that to an end and you can speak to this more than I care but that that moment when a young player a talented player all the sudden the light goes on about the commitment and what's going on and how we have to play that's always a fun thing to watch as a coach all yeah it's incredible especially with someone like my who has just so much potential it's been really fun to see her blossom as a leader you know is a vocal player in practice and and huddles in time outs in you know and and she's really doing what she needs to do to be successful all right this we can you got this trip to the big area you've got Stanford stand for we know that their number three team to countryman of somebody at one o'clock by the way that's at eight o'clock mountain time Yemen Friday night one o'clock on Sunday against Carol great challenge you for would you know just talking you played Stanford very world we have yeah even even on paper when we're not supposed to be that competitive we always give Stanford a great game I don't know if it's the you know we're a pretty physical team we like to be physical I know they don't like that because after the game last year their coach made a comment about we're supposed to be playing basketball not football and we can okay let's play football at home but but I think it's maybe a little bit classes styles but we're excited for this weekend I think we've got a great opportunity to to you know surprise some people well what I like about your team as well is there there's there's kind we sold against UCLA there's a no fear attitude you guys love that love that you know we've only played one game it was at Oregon front of eleven thousand people that we we had big eyes and fearful but but no we we we love to be fearless we talk about it we want to be the tougher team the most aggressive team and I think for the most part we do that well all of it but I wanna go put on the shoulder pads strip mall a little bit good luck a product that's jugular vein they got Stanford again it's a Friday night game.

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