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Diabetes just from having thick sweet but that's right molasses blood dick and sweet is usually good yep but not in this case maybe if it's in the syrup that you're eating that will eventually give you diabetes it's good all right now where does that put us we going back up to the top yeah we should we should participating confusing people along with this article right so the whole reason you have high blood glucose levels is because your body is not responding to insulin right right so because the insulin is running around going guys guys what what i do what's the problem take this glucose in the cells just turn their back on the insulin and insulin is sad you'll have a lot of insulin in your bloodstream is not doing anything and so there's some other secondary alarms that your body sets off saying we got a lot of we got a lot of insulin in the bloodstream but our cells aren't getting an energy they're starving so we need to start producing our own glucose right and that's where the glucose gone the alpha male secrete that glue gun and those levels rise in your bloodstream that ex on deliver and muscles like we talked about to break down that glycogen and releases too much glucose into the blood in that case right which is one reason why you suddenly lose weight inexplicably despite eating all the time or being hungry all the time yeah because as far as your body's concerned it's it's it's pretend like your body can't tell that there's a problem with the insulin all it noses that the cells are starving yes it's it's like it's lack some sort of gaily his show how much how much blood sugar there actually is in the bloodstream or how much insulin there is and that there's something wrong it's just knows the cells are starving so it kicks off this thing where it makes its own glucose which just raises the levels even further in exacerbates the problem bright okay so you're constantly hungry because your body thinks you're cells are starving but you start to lose weight despite eating because it's also attacking those store hours of glycogen those glucose chains and you're just you start losing weight just by eating a lot yeah you're tired that was another one of the symptoms because you're not absorbing that glucose so it's not done anything to burn for energy your hands and feet.

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