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And you will win that cash and then qualify for the trip to see britney spears in new york city see what's trending right now shannon's dirty on thirty justin bieber is clearly over selena gomez since he's already back with another ex haley baldwin lots of pictures of them on the dirty page however selena is done with him for good and allegedly she thinks it's absolutely hilarious that he's rebounding with his quote unquote second twice healy a source really close to selena is telling me haley has to recognize by now that she will always be justin second choice lena doesn't care what justin does with his love life anymore because in the end he always turned out to be exactly the same person he was a selfish and immature kid who only cares about himself selena by the way currently on italy in italy on vacation speaking of bieber nba star kyri irving and bieber's act shantelle jeffries are hooking up those two spotted on a movie date together earlier this week shantelle has been linked to a whole bunch of stars including the weekend most recently we're still getting new details about the murder of rapper xxx ten tassone two armed men approached his bmw when he was about to leap the parking lot of a motorcycle dealership in miami and shot him and i witnessed said a bullet struck x in the neck and he went immediately limp losing all signs of life the police dispatch audio seems to back that up police classified him as a level one trauma patient and described him as comatose at the scene the statement from the broward county sheriff's office said they are still classifying the incident as a robbery because xs louis louis vuitton bag was stolen from his car so far no one has been arrested now daniel bre goalie yes the cash me outside girl was friends with aks a she is just torn up over his death everything we take this wake up call it's all these six nine these should be raised we should want alcohol toffee horn okay it's not it's not funny anymore like we've lost exit is because people want to act big and bad like is this which i needed gone it's like this make any sense to you now do you understand this video game new details on his death by the way next our people have been debating where in the heck the voice was coming from on arianna grandes new song the latest coming this is the part i'm talking about.

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