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I mean we're at a point where females absolutely can headline pay per views will a a female ever be the last match is that yes me the last match just be the headline female yeah like the last match on the card ronda rousey vs whoever man it's it's just been i don't wanna say never because that would be short changing rhonda and all the other women on the roster but if you go from when i first started here you know basically right out of college two thousand and where the women were then and whether women are now i mean it's night and day so to say that can never happen would be naive of me do i think it will happen next year no because it's usually reserved for the world heavyweight championship just like in the ufc that there are layers to what the most important title is make no mistake about the world heavyweight title is the most important title in ufc and it is in wwe so that will always in the show but i think she could certainly be right there towards the end coach just a couple more questions about rhonda going in to this weekend did you get the sense that anybody that the wb was nervous because like you mentioned she didn't get the luxury of coming up on smaller shows this was wrestlemainia this was wrestlemainia with with stephanie mcmahon and and and triple h as as her opponents was there anybody who's nervous you know given rhonda's past the way she looked in her last fight you know that she disappeared from the public i didn't seem to want to be in the public either for a while where their nerves going into this event for the wwe oh there was no stephanie nerves i think on on from everybody on every level the one thing that i think they did it was incredibly smart is that they put her in there with you know arguably one of the top five of all time and that's triple eight and then you've got stephanie who although this was her first official match she's an incredible performer and she knows how to give and in this business you've.

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