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It turns out is weirder than we suppose, we kind of assumed as we talked about last fortnight that this was kind of like a snowman because it was the it's a contact binary. It's to objects that are attached together sort of gently, and they're stuck together. And we thought its snowman it's too fears and a different angle turns out has made it clear as again, there's so many photos that are lead to come back. They're still streaming back. The streaming back for a couple of years, but we got new angle from after the fly by that makes it very clear that these are actually too much flatter objects than we had supposed stuck together. The way this works is they took the shot looking back. So it's it's a kind of a silhouetted shot, and they found that the stars were reappearing too quickly from what they expected around the object which meant that it was not a spherical as they thought. So. There's a larger one the ultimate lobe. That's the one that looks. It's flatter. Looks more like a pancake. And then there's Tuli the smaller lobe, which is in my notes here. Steven it seems like you have described it as a dented walnut. Which is interesting. It's like you drive your walnut. And it goes up on the curb and hits into something. Yeah. Dent it happens sometimes with walnuts. It's weird object to than we thought. And so I am officially saying. It is no longer snowman it is now a walnut pancake one at pancakes. Good, right. You can see the image in the show notes where they they have backlit. And it's basically the space cab racing away from the scene, right? Like new doesn't slow down for this just a drive by type deal. And and this this happened. This image is like ten minutes after it crossed the closeness approach point. So it spins around and gets this picture backlash. It. There's something sort of this slack something sort of unsettling about this animation. They put together like how quickly it's moving. And I don't know. It's it's so strange. It's something so far away seem so lifelike, you know, so animated, but but there he is. And and yeah, not not round. Which is not not what we spoke about. It's not really what what the team spoke about. But it goes to show how much more data there is to to deal with right? And even theories that were relative or theories that were relevant excuse me a month ago. Now been tossed out as new data comes in. And that'll be the case over the coming much. More data is downloaded from new horizons and sifted through by these teams that there were learning as we go with this thing. And you know, we haven't seen these objects close before it is an unknown world to us and to what we know today could be something different down the road. Yeah. That's for me. That's the key thing is that it's it's. It's something that is we we talk about our strana mors talk about contact binary and weird shapes of stuff. That's not large enough to kind of collapse into a circle into into fear and be like all these nice plans. We see that are just a big ball like Pluto right Puerto, which is a minor planet. Don't don't Email me. But there's weird stuff out there too. And we theoretically know it and can infer it from far far away. But it's very different to be up close to one of these. And that will help change our conception of how a lot of these scattered icy objects that are not big enough to be a big sphere. Like, Pluto are what they're what they're like out there in the Capel strange corner. This oh system. It turns out. It's a very weird neighborhood. It is ownership gears a little bit. And we spoken about the Morris twenty twenty Rover several times so sort of the the sequel to. Curiosity Rover built on the same chassis, but all new instrumentation on it. It's going to work on different things and Nasr's getting ready for frit showing up with maven. So never may it launched a couple of years ago several years ago now and satellite orbiting Mars and its mission was to ascertain what happened to the atmosphere at Mars..

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