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Ethically. Morally, what would Jesus do I don't use that I use? What would? Tyrian do what would Tyrian do in this situation? Would you try and joke his way out of it? Would he make a sarcastic maybe self deprecating remark about his height? Would he used his mind? Or would he use a crossbow? That's my standard. That's what I use. What would Tyrian do carrying one last night? Peter gingrich. Great great to see super happy the game of thrones won best drama series. All in all for me. The Emmys were horrific absolutely unwatchable for a show that celebrates supposed to show the best of television. Oh, my Lord. It was uncomfortable. It was terrible horribly produce. Last night's Emmys will never win an EMMY. Anybody else agree? I mean, you know, I don't get high. I don't drink. So I know I'm at a disadvantage. I'm not just artificially giddy. Giggling happy smiling in on the joke. Somehow it was terrible. Seriously. I watched parts of it the night tune away and watch a. The Emmys last night were as bad as he handles offense for three quarters. I couldn't watch the football game. Seattle is horrible. Then they started coming back in the fourth quarter. And all my God. I was pulling I was praying praying they would come back and once again the second week in a row snatched the heart out of the fans for the Jacobin. I know I'm not I'm not a nice person. I'd really hoping they'd come back like Green Bay did last week. And just just shatter Chicago's hopes. But they didn't Chicago, prevail. Seattle's offense last night was as bad as the Emmys well for three quarters like the Emmy's. It was terrible and ten til Peter Dingley one. And then game of thrones one. You know, the big prize is horrible. I mean if that. If that's supposed to celebrate excellence in television. Good lord. Maybe the only one I know. But I just to enjoy television at a different level. No, I'm not going to start getting higher drinking again, I might start getting high drinking again for the reasons, but but not for that. I'm kidding. Nothing. Nothing will ever forced me to go back to that. Hell. It was terrible. Absolutely true. Good to see George George in the audience, George being George George getting love from people in game of thrones nothing at one more year. One more season final season sometimes will debut sometime twenty nineteen. So we'll see him one more time in AMI's. And hopefully, you know. Khalil show. The mother of all dragons and manage ever anyway congratulatory, and what would tear in Detroit that for a while. If if what would Jesus do isn't. You know, is is getting older, you know, isn't working out for you, do what would tear into. I mean, what do you? What do you make a joke about his height or make some off color horribly? A sexist remarks. You know, he's a little pig. But. Or use a crossbow like he did with his dad was sitting on the can if don't watch it dad was sitting on a candidate was king. Dad was a. Dad was not a a good human being. And anyway, sitting on the cannon and tearing basically pinned him to the back of the toilet with a crossbow. Very very fitting in to the king. And in that case. Big enough. The king also a different king. Probably also spends a lot of time sitting on the can in tweeting. Donald trump. This could be the downfall of St. peers. Maybe a vet Herrell, maybe all Republicans in New Mexico. Ex- Torres mall or small Torres who's running for congress because I can't pronounce your first name in the southern part of the state against Yvette Herrell who is more Trump and Trump. I mean, that's her entire campaign. I am so Trump. I Trump Trump. Trump is not popular New Mexico as a whole now down in the southern part of the state. I'm sure it's higher than thirty eight percent that it is statewide thirty eight percent approval rating statewide. Fifty four percent of new Mexicans thumbs down on the Trumpster. Get born to that. There are no polling today. Dumb. Now. I'm wondering if Sandra did not poll for the land commissioners, right? You all the polls we had yesterday. Today. There's no new polling other than the popularity approval. Ratings of the so-called president.

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