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Right i mean this is where he really wants to have it both ways he wants to be you know he wants to invoke freedom of the press in his in his ability to voice his opinions but he'll and so as a journalist and then he also says whenever it's not convenient when he crosses the line in the way that he he does frequently to say that he's not a journalist and so this is actually kind of very similar to the kind of argument that he was making about michael cohen which is when michael cohen named sean hannity as his his mystery client handy said well he was i was never really klein of his i did expect attorney client privilege unexpected that these things were going to be confidential but he's not really my attorney so it's sort of which is it in which does he want to be he tries to occupy he tries to have it both ways let's go to the phones we have a call from john in williamsville new york john you're on the air maybe digging call i couldn't agree more with your guests conservative as the sean hannity honestly the raid so mad i was all of them okay listen to us no yeah when george stephanopoulos who's in charge of the bimbo eruptions for the clintons or when time tab use to look for bernie sanders jake tapper i've been works for i believe might have been warren so please don't try to tell me that it corrupts tuition decision sean anti using successful radio host in for us trying to be conservative so not listen to sean hannity and he doesn't take advice would more would have been gone ago please don't you know we call you let this tonight in liberals tell you snowflakes cannot take you live someone who is who is a radio park show vos in any elevator personality who successfully it uk not handle it in that's under the amos i guess in any way puts us going to be disparaging please to deal with it in the movie thing before might say and i'm gonna i'm gonna be.

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