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Seven different factors that include what program? Power panic factor, hotseat recruiting, Trinh rivalry dominance, whether or not like a high All Saints, not happy because they keep losing to all of their their rivals, right revenue growth in Twitter buzz, which I found was interesting which one of those is kind of the. The easiest in which one of those is the hardest kind of gauge in this fan? Happiness index. I think the easiest is sort of the program power. So we think about Georgia, the number one team in the country. I obviously they're an excellent football team, but it's more than that, like think about what we thought about Georgia twelve months ago, obviously an excellent football program, but I think we had them at thirteenth FPI going into last season. Now they're the very, very top tier of college football, and so their fans have to be ecstatic about not just where they came in the last twelve months, but where they've been came since Kirby smart as a ride. So I think that's really where you can get a good gauge, how, how good have you been and how good have you been compared to expectation also to recruiting trend? Right. I mean, it seems like I'm the only person who hasn't signed with the Georgia BULLDOGS in in the next couple of recruiting classes. And that's one of the factors you say this panic factor. What is panic factor mean? And how does that play into the fan happiness index? Sure. So that's that's something that doesn't play into it right now. In the quote precede inversion eventually. Like, let's say you're Alabama, right? And it's week one and maybe Alabama ends a beating Louisville, But they go down like down fourteen at the half, and their fans are freaking out that it we're gauging based on based on win probability, the this idea of how much you've come stress, you've caused your fans, even if you even if you get that win. So of course, if a blow, if they just blow out Louisville, Alabama, feel fans will feel a lot better about their season than if they struggle. One of the ones that that I, I kind of struggle Seth Walder from ESPN sports information group joins us talking about this fan happiness index, I shall go to find out that Missouri is all the way sitting there at twelve. I mean, I could see that this was coming off SEC championship birth with Gary Pinkel a couple years ago, but why was Missouri sitting there in the top fifteen of this index? Oh, yeah. I was surprised to just like you looked at that and I thought, wow, what's going on? Well, it has to do with their rivals, right? We with Arkansas. Kansas. We listen as they arrived. They being Arkansas, two years in a row, and it's not just about the fact that you've done that, but also that we think, and therefore we think that fan stink that Missouri's actually little better than Arkansas. So you wanna compare yourself to your rivals and feels good to be just better than them straight up. And that's what we think Missouri is even, you know, even though there's there's some optimism for Arkansas at last question for yourself, Twitter, buzz, the percentage of Twitter sentiment that is positive. You found a couple of teams that weren't necessarily to positive here, including the LSU Tigers. Why were they sell low there? Yeah, it's interesting. You know, that's the one that I think is is maybe the hardest to explain because if there's no perfect formula teams are fans are going to react in different ways and everything. So maybe LSU fan to feel a little uneasy about it or Doron it's hard to put a figure on exactly. But of course, we know the LSU expectations for that program are not what they have been. So. So you might think that you know fans are just feeling a little bit sour. Whereas compared to Arkansas, which is has the best Twitter buzz in the nation. Maybe maybe fans are excited about Chad Morris bull Kelly, and that's really getting. I'm going to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Are you ready for this will Healy coach of the governor's going up there against Georgia? Where are we at right now? How are we feeling? We're couple days away from your team. Awesome. P. facing off against the Georgia BULLDOGS. Well, we're, we're doing some of the same things. I'm sure Kirby is megachurches..

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