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Fall asleep naturally and wake up with no and next day grogginess is equal. Pure Z's naturally superior sleep, David said. Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes and taking a look at the four day forecast clear brisk in cold tonight lows ranging from 20 in some suburbs 26 downtown. Tomorrow. Plenty of sun Not quite as cold High 37. Tomorrow night's gonna get down to around 24th to around 30 Monday Mostly cloudy, breezy, high 50 Maybe a shower in the afternoon. A blustery day on Tuesday, much colder. Plenty of sun, though high 34 right now it is 34 degrees and partly cloudy over Boston. To 15 live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Good afternoon on Madison Rodgers here. The five things you need to know. At 2 15 tighter covert restrictions for Massachusetts starting today, details in just a moment. Federal unemployment benefits set to expire for many Americans today, no word whether President Trump will sign the $900 billion stimulus package if he doesn't sign a $2.3 trillion government funding bill. A shutdown could happen after Monday. Law enforcement officials in Nashville say they have a person or persons of interest in connection to yesterday's explosion. It's not a shutdown, but much tighter restrictions are kicking in for Massachusetts starting today. For the next two weeks. Restaurants stores houses of worship. Many other businesses have to keep capacity to just 25%. A maximum of 10 people allowed for indoor gatherings 25 for outdoor gatherings. Governor Baker calling the move necessary.

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