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Hugh the flames that sinful Tuesday on Westworld recap Ables. This is the show where we acknowledged areas for only human after all, and briefly indulge, and the internet conspiracy theories the week today were diving deeper into season two episode for the riddle of the spanks. I'm your host David shoemaker, and I am joined as I am every Tuesday, why the ringers mica Peters and tell me that was a host and out of human. I think it was both Danny hyphen. Are you doing? I'm doing mica, but we, we should say of the time you have your another podcast starting today we should. We should promote actually, Carl, it's called on shuffle. It's just a podcast about the we're listening to right now. You know, I'm gonna talk to some smart people about some good music. It's fantastic. Is the ringers first full time for music podcasting, and that's a big deal for all of us. And I, I hear the pilot. It was fantastic. I can't wait for the real thing. All right. Mike, just educated me on young dolph. I can't believe you didn't know about that already, but that's the the last segment of this show is going to be mica and Danny in a in a straight up like Dolores and Bernard dinar DeLores and Arnold sow debriefing where Danny tries to explain his love for j Cole and Mike tries to explain to him what. Often chains. Let's talk about Westworld banks guys. This was a hell of an episode it was, but before we can even get to the episode, we have to get to read it because Lisa joy, the creator of the show. Andy director of this episode. Did an ask me anything on Reddit today in AMA as is. Is calm. And in the first answer she gave, she gave an answer basically, personally detailed for you, David for me, yes. Literally for you. The scariest premise, I think of go ahead. She actually said that our philosophy from the beginning was to lay out the major ten poll moments, Ford's death, Dolores transformation Bernard's discovery. But the ultimate meeting of the story, the destination or path has always been leading starting back in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker through mankind off Helena, sell sixteen feet in announcer's table what that is. Literally what Lisa choice that. Telling Joe real. Too much. Well, if I'm sure everyone listening every. Lisa joy here. I'm. That Jesus was also a host. Thank you. Everybody lives probably knows. I'm a wrestling podcast and writer version foremost, and that's sort of mind blowing even as a joke. I don't expect. I don't expect my my favorite show runners to be engaging with my professional wrestling fandom. So that's quite a treat. Thank you. Lisa joy for making me feel slightly less like a nerd or more like a nerd for one fleeting moment, Savarese civic set of requisites to go for the for the rest of the season. Now I want to know if you see any like wrestling themes going on here, wrestling themes in everything. Everything is wrestling Danny. Have you been reading the New York Times up at page for the best. All right. That's really fantastic shots. Lisa joy shows Mick Foley the undertaker. A new that Jim Ross, who made that that moment, legendary. We need someone's gonna start making Jim Ross like by God tracks over Westworld videos, and it's going to be fantastic anyway, as simple Tuesday, what do we do? We mess up on anything this week on Sundays, five cast. I don't think we missed a ton. We've been accused of messing up one thing, which I will dispute we, maybe I'm wrong, but we some someone pointed out to Twitter that many people have said this, that the thing we keep skipping over is that the the chance that Bernard has downloaded the files and Peter Abernathy that when they were at fort four, learn hope in that, like the cuts between when he was looking at him and then when they escape that rather that he got snatched by the Delo Smer Sary's that Bernard used the time to download the files into himself. I have not really thought that there was a lot of merit to that because one there didn't seem to be a lot of time and. There wasn't really any evidence that that had happened, but now I see the maybe that's a thing and so he was breaking down before breaking down now seemingly in the same way that that's my thing is I don't see a huge difference between what he's been doing and he just he hit his head and he was dripping fluid. Some people are saying that the reasonings glitch out so much on the beaches because he has the Peter apnea, he stuff and that the reason that we're kind of overthinking thinking this, that the reason he so silent and everything is that he has the Peter Abernathy data in him. He guarantee think and what they're looking for is actually in his head, which actually does make sense. I just don't. I don't think that's there, but will let you mean what about that moment with a with Elsie where she's talking about your memories aren't index addressed anything they're just kind of floating around. Is that just a General Bernard thing? Could that also tie into that idea of him having met massive file, whatever it is perhaps dad on the guests, like in his head every week that I feel like this is my gimmick now that I just come on and say, all right, I'm really into this as long as the show is not about this, like narrow set of. About things. Yeah. As long as the show is not about the concept of like ram or storage space, I think I'm fine. I don't know if it's like if like putting that extra personality and to him, overloaded him is I don't think that's a problem, but it sort of just like a really weirdly small points. Yeah, because the reason that I don't buy that theory is because from my understanding, the reason that Peter Abernathy isn't glitch and all the time is because they actually decommissioned him and he is really have a personality. One, and that's not the case with Bernard and to say that they're lifting similar ways on the air. Like he's glitches outside the cave has almost what looks like a seizure in a way. I Bernard hasn't been decommissioned, which is why I have ignored it. Then again, maybe I'm wrong. And. Shot in the head. Thing a lot of stuff going on when you it's razor. When you hear salting, remember he got shot in the face. I will say though now that you mention it or now that people on Twitter mention it, the the fact that he was left alone in that room with Peter Abernathy is conspicuous and he did do the home, my God like right before that. Yeah. So we'll keep on it. There's a lot of very deliberate. I I didn't. I had a few questions about that episode when like Deloris looked at him. It was like put him in the put in prison with all the others or whatever. And then like once later she's like, bring. There was a lot of very deliberate staging with that, and I don't know why. I don't know why she would have been mad at the only reason. It seemed like she would say, put Bernard away. I guess she associates him with the humans, right? Even though she knows he's not. Yeah, yeah, but, but it's still seemed like she only put them in prison so that her bringing him back would be something would be a moment. I don't know if it's an editing thing. But yeah, it definitely really deflates the moment when she's like, oh yeah, like put him with the others. And then it's almost like nothing happened there. So we're not. I need you. All right. Let's move on to. We didn't. We didn't horribly mess anything else up, not to my knowledge, but if you do think we miss anything up, please let us know. And apparently David doesn't check Switzer mentioned says is so we don't blame you. I'm nothing I do look into it or I just don't religiously. Look at my mentions. And so, yeah, if you need, if you want to tweet at us tweeted, Danny. Hi fits. I am. I am Snoopy on Twitter. Handle. I'm at any hyphen standing, underscore hyphen. Maigo boom might year mica Mike Peters under school because really young dolph tweeted mica. I'm David shoemaker, but you know, good luck. All right on could to the theories of the week as source by Danny. Hi fits from what we're calling the internet. What are the craziest things that are happening by the way spoiler alert till I don't even understand what's been listened to this show if you don't wanna deal spoilers literally all that this show is yeah, spoilers yeah, I get it. We even have around feed. But anyway, Danny go ahead. Tell us what tell us what the internet saying this week. So first of all you mentioned on our pot on Sunday, then you wanted to see what read it did with that book. James Delo saying that this is exactly why I love read it because read it found the book and the business. One thing I actually I had to find out the book is the masterpieces of science fiction edition of the sirens of titan by Kurt Vonnegut. Which is a hell of a reference. So if you're not gonna get was one of the best science fiction writers of the twentieth century, and the two long don't read version is that the book is basically about how all of human history and into the future when we have space travel and we go through an interplanetary war, all of human history was to get one dude, one small metal piece because he needed to fix space car craft because they needed to fix the spacecraft. That was literally what all of humanity was for. There was no free will. There was any of that. It was literally like if you seen Rick and Morty than we creates an entire Mike verse with a species to fix his car battery l yeah, like that's what all if you Mattie was. So it's a hell of a reference that James de Las who has basically commissioned thirty years of these hosts going through torture and torment, and death and horrible everything basically. So he could get this one thing. He just could get his body and that is what he's spending his time reading this book. So he could smoke. Cigars and sailors yet my wife. Fantastic. I was already reading this last night because it's like.

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