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Three and a half dave and as a result of the survivor season. But i feel like. I've been very prepared for the smash win as we talked about last week. I really thought smashed gonna win. I felt like that would be south africa ending that i understand. Of course chappy doesn't win. Because i just felt like the whole season has been about the rug being pulled from the. You thought that that would be this beautiful. The see of what will end up being the fallen angel fans avery shafi's and then smash to me. He wouldn't be a great winner either. Wouldn't by either. You would definitely have the worst move singular move for of all time. I would probably rank slightly high. The nicole somewhere i probably would have voted for and i thought he could represent a version of the season. He was the first one ceiling bosley. He's the chaos. He's food stealing. he's trying to make big moves like he represented it to me to a degree kind of like how. When tom one philippines. I thought that was the perfect ending. I in cardi b. perfect mirror. He was chaotic verte. Winning would be way to clean a neat for. I'm not saying that the coyote. I'm saying because because tom was the chaos of the season him bijon john at the end it was a section and i was struggling after the episode to be like. Okay well. how do we reconcile. That's like waiting. We reconcile the narrative of the season before even getting my thoughts on coal is player. And i think i've done that like you to that better than me. Well it's tough. Because i don't disagree with you from a narrative perspective because again i think with us survivor and especially australian survivor. We have been conditioned to feel like the like a through line with the narrative of the winner of survivor. It right like they are a main character. I think even if you were nicole woman superfan. She was not the main character of survivor. South africa immunity island. That is things. She was group season. I think nicole's brother karen. The the survey found him an idol one of the highlights of my chat with her by the way was like brother was crying on the way home. Terrible about it. But i think that what i appreciate about that is that again survivor. South africa one of my favorite things about it is against the sports. And all of it all right this idea of well listen we're not going to purposely pump anyone up or shoot anyone down to like satiate some sort of unrealistic narrator for the most part of something happened out there. We're going to show it. And i think say what you want to about nicole's game like she was not as offensively think involved in a lot of the big moves as a lot of those other people. No i guess we can look back and feel like she didn't necessarily need to. I think what i have more so settled with is that the narrative of the season was essentially the ending of hamlet. This idea how all union yes essentially all these big people take each other out where you have all these buna start dismantling this zomba's and then they turn on each other and it's interesting the final. It was six to zomba's six go in a row because they all go after each other. And then we end with the to zomba's it really is a hamlet and lehrer teas and claudius and gertrude. Just all off each other and here comes and bra at the end of it to be ready to get. It's my kingdom now. That is nicole in a manner of speaking. And it's interesting because the little in congress in that nicole had by far the least number of confessionals out of the final three let alone like i would say from the final eight maybe even ten onwards and that has nothing to impugn nicole about but more so that she wasn't necessarily involved in that main line narrative that one of the main reasons why discounted her is that it was tough to see it considering. Just how big. The stories of everyone else was now. That being said was this. Like a natalie white. Oh my god like. We didn't really see anything of her but she won because smashed lost stuff. No larue himself has said that. I think if you go back and rewatch the season. There's a lot of like subtle but steady pushing of the nicole narrative throughout. I think that's a good way to describe her. Germany throughout the show is subtle but steady. I think we were all understandably obfuscated a bit by a bigger edits and moves all the people around her that. We expected to your point the winner to represent that from a traditional narrative perspective. We did not get the traditional narrative here and so that was sort of the the disparity. I felt initially until i think sort of came to terms with the fact that in the moment we didn't realize it but i really do think in the aftereffects if you're asking me. What's the story of survivor. South africa immunity island. It's this idea of even from the beginning with jason right how to play yourself out of survivor how to make mistakes how to get messy and how to pay the ultimate price for that and how slow subtle consistency ends up winning this season over those big flashy moves. Yeah i think that's been the emerging narrative for someone like larue like. It's what we say about the final two. And the edit like this will make people angry disappointed underwhelming literally angry. I'm sure and i hope. And looking at those comments and being like different..

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