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A $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike traffic and weather on the eights. We go to Jack Taylor in the Traffic center. John, If you start things off this morning, and you were away from the district will let you know what's happening. First on the Beltway in Virginia on the outer loop coming at Annandale before Braddock Road, we'd had one broken down. It was a big truck. Apparently, that has been safely moved over to the shoulder. You're in good shape out of Stafford, one in 95 north bound 66 so far good at a Gainesville. If you're riding all the way into Rosslyn, the Roosevelt Bridge is open. Now. Inbound. Still in question is the inbound 14th Street Bridge as we watch the cameras. You're still so much cleanup to go on. Beyond the bridge North bound 3 95 still detouring off onto the North Bound George Washington Parkway. Outbound 14th remained open through the entire inauguration. Inbound 14th right now still rerouting but again, hoping to have things open here within the next 51 minutes. Not that we're watching The times. You will find the Rock Creek Parkway South bound down near Virginia Avenue in question. They still may be turning left. So be aware that roadway I believe reopened inbound on the Whitehurst Freeway between Canal Road and K Street here in decent shape is you make the right in Maryland. No worries that a Frederick coming south on to 70. We're good to go between the Beltway's on 95 in the B W Parkway in Laurel. It's so cold we've had no, I believe a water main break or something with water on the roadway. Route one near whiskey bottom road callers reporting very icy conditions in the area, said Please be careful. And don't forget in Leesburg That's scheduled utility work. Still going on West Market Street is closed between Loudon and South King streets that's scheduled to reopen it about seven o'clock this morning with the reminder from Metro Still no service inside the security perimeter, hoping to have things open by tomorrow morning. Trains will still not stop at the following stations. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. Metro still running just for now, not stopping at those stations. Jack Taylor, deputy T o p traffic and Let's check here with a Matt Ritter and get the latest in our forecast storm clouds out there this morning Skies will become mostly sunny as we go through the day it'll be brisk, unseasonably cool with highs the mid forties, too low fifties and mostly.

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