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Looking for a back that I could trust that's physical. Then when javonte finds his way, he's back in that mix. I'm looking for one more playmaker. That's probably going to have to be through the draft. Receiver, if I hope it's KJ handler, but I can't trust that it is at this point. I just can't. So 5 to 6 new starters offensively, but I'm not giving up on if you want to be physical. I'm not giving up on reisner and bulls in that situation. Because that is one thing they do really well together as run block. Okay, where are you getting this right tackle? Because I just feel like it has been, I mean, you just rattled off all the names. One, retread after another. I can't think of a right tackle that they got in free agency that has been a great physical, long-term option, but again, you don't have a ton of draft picks this year. So where are you overpaying? Where are they getting this right tackle this off season Troy? Well, ideally it would be in the draft. The problem is, if you get Sean Payton, your trade in the way of your first round pick. Right. And that pick is the niners pick. So we all understand. So it's probably going to be somewhere between 28 and could be 32. Right. They could win the Super Bowl. They're that good. So it's not a great draft for tackles. The kid from Georgia, I think it's Broderick Thomas Broderick. He's probably going to go off the board at 20. That makes it difficult. I would rather have if it gets to that point, I would take that tight end from Notre-Dame, my baby Gronk. And pair him in my run game of physicality, but where do you get it? You're probably going to have to look at, I think it's a kid from San Francisco. It's going to be a free agent. The problem with free agency and tackles. And we've lived it here. Most tackles that are good, don't reach free agency. You're a free agent for a reason. And you're overpaying for mediocrity. And juwan James, it was worse. You know, we're paying for a guy who didn't play. They went down that, but so where would they get it? You can see, teams find starting tackles in the second and third round. This idea has to be a third rounder. That's where you'd have to trust your scouts and find a guy. You look across the league, you see guys that start as tackles that are second and third rounders, I think Dallas has one this year that Phil then has been great for them. I mean, greater good. I mean, how do you cross it was the first round of Seattle. But you have other guys, you can find. So draft would be a priority. Yeah. The free agencies before the draft, I would protect myself and bring in a veteran that I felt like could compete for the starting job and then try to win the draft, but it's not easy.

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